No matter what anybody tells you, you cannot be prepared for the journey that is Motherhood.

It feels as though life thrusts you into Motherhood without warning. Even though you spend 9 or 10 months preparing yourself and your space for what it might be like with a little one, it will still grab you by the balls and take your breath away. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride because it will be the ride of your life.

I never knew I could love as much as I love my Daughter. I mean, how could you not love someone as much as this when you share such a sacred journey together. My Daughter and I lived as one for 38 weeks and 4 days. At the end of those 38 weeks and 4 days we worked together harmoniously so we could hold each other and gaze into each others eyes, put a face to the voice, a face to those (sometimes painful) kicks and jabs.

I could not have asked for a more beautiful transition into Motherhood. I have been blessed with a beautiful little soul who has galaxies in her eyes and who is already filled with such wonder and curiosity. She is wise and teaches me patience and to live in the now; the present moment.

I was not prepared for this.

I was not prepared for this feeling.  This thing I cant put into words. The silly songs I sing to help her drift off into other realms. The dances I do to make her smile and laugh. The complete devotion and unconditional love I feel every day.

I was not prepared for the bond that would be created through breastfeeding. The way those baby blues stare up at me, taking every bit of my face in. Every freckle, blemish, wrinkle, expression. The way she drifts off into other realms, drunk on the nutrients I am providing for her. The way she pulls off to coo and smile before returning to her meal.

I was not prepared for the way her little fingers wrap around one of mine or the tiny toes tickling my belly when we cuddle. Her complete and total dependence on me.

I do not care about the stretch marks, the mountain of washing, the never-ending pile of dirty dishes, the messy hair, the haven’t showered for two days stench, or the tiredness.

I was not prepared for this but I am so grateful, so happy, so in love.

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