Early Mornings

I don’t know why I am so against getting up early. I’m not talking 4am starts or anything like that, just an average 6-630am wake up. I’m not alone in feeling this way; I know a lot of people who share this unusual dislike to the early morn. Is it something we do because it’s just the thing to do? I mean, I can’t think of any time that I have gotten up early and regretted it. I don’t get it. It’s strange to find yourself feeling a certain way about something without actually understanding why you feel that way.

I started my morning early. Now when I say early, I mean 6.40am. I think that’s when the alarm went off. R has been craving a surf, and the conditions were supposed to be pretty good, so he wanted to get up earlier than usual to get amongst it. To my surprise, I joined him and ventured into the untouched land of the upstairs living and dining area. No-one else was awake yet and we sat in silence to eat our breakfast. It was wonderful.

By the time we had finished our morning routine, the others had started to waken and we were on our way out to check the surf. By the time we got changed and picked a good spot, R was in the water by 8am. Still not super early, but early enough for the beach to be a beautiful temperature and no-one around except the surfers and the odd runner. I rolled out my towel, parked my butt, and spent the next two hours watching the surfers ride their waves, the crabs crawl around the sand, the eagle fly over head, and the clouds roll by.

It was beautiful. I waded in the fresh, salty water whilst watching my love surf, and feeling my little one somersault around in my belly (according to R, they’re practicing for when they’re out in the surf with Dad). It was a magical morning full of love and gratitude as I thanked myself for getting up out of bed this morning, and thanked the universe for such a beautiful morning with my babe and my love.

I’m going to set myself a challenge for this week, especially because Uni goes back soon: No television programs (with the exception of Wanted on Tuesday and First Date on Wednesday) or mindless scrolling through social networking feeds after dinner. Let’s see what I come up with to occupy my nights, and hopefully it will encourage early bed times, for beautiful early morning routines like the one this morning.

Keep it real,

Eliza xx

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2 thoughts on “Early Mornings

  1. I hate mornings too, but mostly because I love being wrapped up in my comfy covers. Maybe if I lived by a beach instead of the cold Midwest, I’d be be apt to rise a bit earlier. Lol


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