Alternative Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again where we are inundated with blog post on blog post about how great valentines day is, how to be single on valentines day, how it is a day where businesses are just trying to take your money: “it’s a hoax”, “I HATE VALENTINES DAY!” etc. I, for one, don’t really celebrate valentines day. I mean, I’ve done some cute things for R in the past, like buy some of his favourite choccies and stuff ;), but nothing religiously.. every year.. and quite frankly I just don’t care anymore ha!

I’ve had a bit of a tough day today, so I have decided to take a hint from this pointless ‘day of love’ and give myself some much needed lovin’. Tomorrow morning I plan to pack my bags and head off to my parents’ place up in the hills for a few days. I’m gonna turn this Valentines day into a Valentines Week for 1; Me.

Being surrounded by the ocean and sand is wonderful and I love it, although every now and then I just crave the green trees, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, and the smell. Mum and Dad’s place just smells amazing. Not being able to hear traffic is an added bonus.

While I’m there, I’m going to roll out my yoga mat (which I haven’t done in months) on the deck, in clear view of the trees and sound of the birds, and engage in some much needed therapy. Stretch out all the tension that has built up over the past few months and take some time for me and Breathe.

I’m going to float around in the pool, do some hooping, listen to some music, and drink tea. Little to no internet, little to no communication with the outside world, no television, computer games, computers, the sound of electronics buzzing in my ears. I’m going to disconnect to reconnect. And enjoy every fucking minute of it.

Why not take a hint from the pending valentines day and seize it as a good reason to love yourself. Put on your favourite shirt, your favourite shoes, and take yourself out for breakfast. Heck, why not cook yourself a delicious breakfast while dancing around to your favourite song! Take the opportunity to do something that you want to do or that you like to do and tell yourself every chance you get that you love you, you are proud of you, and you are totally worth it.

Mmm, maybe rephrase that last bit because it sounds like a makeup add. But you get the gist.

Keep it real,

Eliza xx


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