One of those posts

I hate that I am being one of those bloggers who neglects their blog for months on end and then does one of those obligatory ‘I’m Back’ posts. Let’s be real. Life can get pretty heckers and shit gets thrown at you from left of field. I’m here now, and that’s all that matters.. right?

I think the last place we left off was somewhere near Esperance. Let’s get this recap done quickly eh? It was great. I really love Esperance. We did the Nullarbor (again), meandered our way around Melbourne (literally, we drove around it), took a ferry, and shot up the Great Ocean Road. We don’t really like what we’ve seen of South Aus and Victoria so we went through those pretty quickly but of course, making sure to stop off at any surf spots along the way.

By the time we got to New South Wales we were pissed off because we couldn’t find a camp spot. All the way across from Western Australia and the hardest place to find somewhere to camp up for the night was New South Wales. We spent a good hour or so trying to find somewhere that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and by the end of it decided to shoot through to Newcastle; our final destination (for a short period of time then R and I were going to travel further up North to continue our adventures).

We got to Newcastle, stayed the night at one of my Sisters’ and R shot through to Port Macquarie the next day. I stayed in Newcastle because in a few days time my Sisters and I were flying out to Samoa for our first ‘Sisters Holiday’. This is where it gets interesting…

I’d been moody, a bit off, absolutely exhausted, had a strange intolerance to alcohol, and my boobs were sore. This wasn’t unusual as I was used to most of these symptoms leading up to my period. I put it down to the last month-and-a-bit of driving had worn me out and I just needed some rest (you can see where this going right?).

It suddenly hit me, I was roughly 5 days late.. Now the most I’d ever been late was 2 days. Max. I was concerned, but again, put it down to the crazy disrupted life I had been living for the past few months. Anyway, after talking it over with my sisters and everyone joking about the fact I was pregnant, M and I went and bought some home pregnancy tests. I took one and sat it on the bench whilst proclaiming “I’m not pregnant. There’s no way. I’m just late, adjusting. It’s fine..” M sat there watching the test and said “Ahh Liz.. there’s two line. Two freakin’ lines!”

Yep. I’m pregnant. I found out one day before we flew out to Samoa where I was supposed to be sunbaking and drinking cocktails by the pool. Got a blood test the same day I took 3 home pregnancy tests and got the results the next day. 5wks pregnant. Poor R was in shock and lost his appetite when I told him. I mean, I was in shock. It felt like an immaculate conception (it wasn’t). However, it threw our plans of adventure and unemployment out the window and turned our world upside down.

It’s amazing how everything changes so quickly. Your thought patterns, plans, LIFE. It just goes.. POOF.. and shit get’s real, real quick.

So, I was off to a holiday with my sisters and R was stuck at his parents place. We were 300kms apart. He’s low key freaking out and coming to terms with the idea while I’m thinking ‘Shit, I have to tell everyone’. I mean how can I be like..”Nah sorry, I’m not drinking” and there not be suspicion.. I’m going on holiday!? So told everyone we did. Sisters, Mum, Dad, Best Friend, Inlaws, R’s best friends, the lot.

Some people might think “ah that’s too early”. I say, the more people who know, the more support you have if something was to go wrong. Plus it shouldn’t be so taboo and something that people go through alone.

Anyway. Samoa was great. Morning sickness hit me the day we flew back to Australia. That was awesome. And it hung around for about 6 weeks. I’m sitting here now, with a little cherub havin’ a dance party, with one of the most elated and supportive partners, and we are over the moon. We are pretty stoked at this curve-ball life has thrown at us and are so excited to meet our tiny human.

22+1wks today. We’re still living at R’s parents place while we wait for our tenants to move out and we are unemployed. Homeless, unemployed, and pregnant. Ha! Yeah it’s been stressful, but life doesn’t throw anything at you you can’t handle. Life is pretty good. I mean it’s freakin’ crazy.. but pretty darn good.

Keep it real folks,

Eliza xx

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One thought on “One of those posts

  1. Congratulations how exciting and what a beautiful family this little person is about to become part of ….. enjoy xx


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