On The Road – Part 1

We sorted, packed, sorted, re-packed, sorted, discarded, and re-packed until everything we owned was in, and on, our car. R, resigned from his job, we handed the keys over to our landlord, and said goodbye to our beautiful friends we had made in such a short time. It was bittersweet; leaving bonds and friendships we had found so dear, yet about to embark on one of our biggest adventures.

We set off up the coast of Carnarvon for a week full of surfing, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, and full of catch-ups and quality time spent with friends. It was the perfect relaxation and goodbye to a place full of good and not-so-good memories. The truth is, we had some pretty rough times in Carnarvon and we’d planned to end our time there with a positive, lasting impression. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. However, the good, in the end, definitely outweighed the bad.

WA 2015

WA 2015

WA 2015

WA 2015

WA 2015A week came and went in the blink of an eye, tears were shed after one last goodbye to our closest buds, and before we knew it, Carnarvon was a dot in the rear-vision mirror, that is, if we could see through our rear-vision mirror (the car is chockers). Of course we will never forget our time in Carnarvon. A lot happened for me in the two years I spent there, personally, emotionally, physically (the drinking scene is huge.. that seems to be made evident through the weight I have gained), and mentally. I have made some true bonds that I am so grateful for. I love you guys.

First stop, Margaret River. We left on a Saturday and needed to be in Margaret River by Sunday afternoon for a gig we had bought tickets for months in advance. It is roughly 1170km from Carnarvon to Margaret River and we drove those 12 hours straight, stopping at a truck stop for a quick sleep, before we officially reached Margs. What a beautiful place. So great, we stayed three nights. We set up home in Conto’s Campsite in Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

I’d never stayed in a national park before and was pleasantly surprised by the facilities (for long-drop toilets, they were amazing), free firewood, drinking water, privacy, and cost – only $10 a night per person. We had an amazing time at our gig and for the remaining 2 nights we played card games, cooked jaffles (tomato, hummus, pepper, and nutritional yeast, and for dessert, banana, peanut butter, coconut cream, and malt – my goodness.. both were taste-bud heaven), played around with photography, hooped, listened to music, and just chilled around the fire. It was great to see R relaxed and not weighed down by the cloud of ‘having to go to work’. This meant our only care in the world was enjoying each others company (and the assignments we each had due for uni, but meh haha).

WA 2015WA 2015

Edit: Margs is where we discovered some possible engine difficulties in Jesus (hey-zuess), our adventure mobile. So far, so good. But he is going to need some TLC very soon.

When it was time to leave Margs, we set off for Albany, only a short 5ish hour drive away. We settled in and set up camp for 2 nights. This time, just our swag. The first night was quiet and we were in bed pretty early. The next day we set up shop in the public library with free WIFI because we had some study to catch up on. That night, we made friends with a lovely couple, D & C, and their cute pooch Dexter. We drank rum and had fun hooping, smoking cigars, and talking about all sorts of things. It was a lot of fun, too much fun apparently. We got given a warning for being too loud. All that talk about politics must have been too heavy for people to handle (or the rum made us louder than we thought). The next morning, R woke up with a sore head, so did D. We had pancakes for breakfast, exchanged numbers, and left for our next destination; Esperance.

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