Itchy Feet

Do you ever get the feeling you have out stayed your welcome? Perhaps it is time to move on and make some changes? Big ones?

Things changed in a matter of weeks. I suppose that is to be expected. Especially with the vibe of the New Year bringing new beginnings and setting new intentions; a clean slate. I just didn’t expect these changes or this tired, old feeling of ‘not fitting in’ to return. With this feeling comes many emotions and a lot of self doubt. I find myself thinking ‘Why is this happening again?’ and ‘What did I do wrong?’. It’s hard not to blame yourself when you constantly find yourself back in this situation.

I have meditated and reflected on it for about two weeks now, and I have reached the conclusion that although it takes two to tango, I only have control over my own actions and behaviour. I have discovered I have fallen into old habits, become lazy and have compromised my values and morals in order to make things easier for myself and others for fear of not fitting in. However, I am determined to take this with a positive outlook and perceive it as some sort of sign the universe, or I, am sending myself and I am so lucky to have picked up on it before it became too toxic.

My feet are itchy for adventure and they’re aching to be immersed in different soil.

I will be exploring and spreading my roots again.. soon. :)

“I believe in the good things coming.” – Nahko and Medicine for the People

Keep it real,

Eliza x

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