New Moon // December Solstice

New Moon - Paul Tomlin Flickr

I have always been interested in astrology. Sometimes it just seems to make sense.

Here’s what I learned about yesterday after I had a large bout of anxiety for the first time in a long while.

With the solstice and the new moon happening within hours of each other there is a big opportunity given. The new moon is in Capricorn which is all about taking control of your intentions and being responsible and as always, new beginnings.

In the Southern Hemisphere the solstice gave us the longest day where we were energized by the sun. In the Northern Hemisphere it was the longest night and is focused on the death of old emotions and energies that are not needed. Write them down, bury them, burn them, release them; Lay them to rest and move on with good intentions.

Now is the time to focus on your intentions for 2015 and to start making commitments to the things you have been umming and ahhing about for a while. Make decisions and take action. This year may seem slow or repetitive, that is because Capricorn doesn’t do things quickly. Take your time and try not to get frustrated. Patience and commitment are vital here.

I had my first bout of anxiety yesterday in a long time. So much that I woke up at 2am and didn’t get back to sleep until 6am and then woke up at 8am. I had a lot of negative energy swirling around my person yesterday with a lot of it related to my past. It is common to feel anxious about letting go of emotions or feelings you have been holding on to or working yourself up over. Especially because they are keeping your ‘ego’ alive. The prospect of you letting go of these negative energies frightens the ego as it’s energy source will be gone and it will die so it fights, it fights hard.

Self love, dropping all expectations and judgements, breathing and flowing with the universe is key. Committing, taking responsibility and perseverance will be a big lesson to us all this year. Also, be mindful of what you’re spending your money on and who/what it is benefiting.

Take a few days to really, sincerely set your intentions or make your resolutions and stick by them.

Keep it real,


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