Dear Body,

I’m sorry I haven’t been expressing my appreciation. I mean, you’ve continued to function to the best of your ability, no matter what I put you through or what I put through you. I know it has taken me 23 years to listen to the signals and messages you’ve been sending, but I’m listening now.

I know you don’t like it when I drink too much. I can feel it when you’re working real hard to digest the alcohol. You work up a bit of a sweat and become very lethargic and exhausted the next day. I noticed you don’t mind if I have only one or two every now and then, so thanks for that.

You love water! You get really thirsty sometimes and that’s when I know I haven’t been drinking enough. I’m sorry I let you get to the point of thirst. I’m getting better at it though, and I don’t drink anywhere near as much juice or carbonated, sugary drinks. Water is your favourite. I think it’s mine too.

I didn’t realise how much you didn’t appreciate all the meat, dairy and wheat I was eating. I’m sorry it made you so bloated and uncomfortable. You’re loving all the vegetables and fruits I’m eating now though. You’re thriving. You’ve finally got the energy to do other things, now that you’re not bogged down and working hard to digest the foods I was eating before. You have had so much energy I have had to find a way to use it all.

I exercise you every-day now and you love it. Your muscles are getting pretty toned and you know what.. You’re looking pretty darn good. I know you love it because you reward me with awesome feelings about half an hour after the work out that carry on through the rest of my day. Thanks for that.

Have you noticed I’m not over-eating anymore? I’m only giving you exactly what you ask for, when you ask for it. Lots of little snacks instead of loading you up with large amounts that you can’t digest quickly enough. Now you don’t have to worry yourself about finding any storage for what you couldn’t digest. I guess that’s another reason you’re so energetic.

Thank-you for looking after me all these years even though I wasn’t treating you very well. You’ve stuck by me and that’s something I will be forever grateful for. We’ve still got some work to do and your preferences might change so remember to keep sending me signals when I’m doing something you don’t like and when I’m doing something you love. Let me know when you’re too tired or you need more exercise. Communication is a key part of every relationship, so keep on sending me messages and I won’t stop listening.

Thanks again, you’re amazing and I love you.

Yours always,

Eliza xx

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One thought on “Dear Body,

  1. I like your creative way of discussing nutrition.

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