Mungday Madness – Maca Powder

With my interest in nutrition and giving my body what it needs I have stumbled across a substance that seems to be a bit of a craze at the moment. It is the beloved Maca Powder.

Maca powder

I have seen it mentioned in many recipes but never actually knew what it was. So naturally, when I found it in my local super market I bought it without even knowing what it’s nutritional value was only that, according to the packet, it had 3x more energy than bananas.. which could mean anything really. I began adding it to my muesli in the mornings along with some protein powder, cacao and chia seeds and didn’t really think anything of it until today.

With meditation and looking after your health, you begin to notice when your body is telling you something. You become very attuned to how your body is functioning and it is easy to pinpoint when something is a bit off or when something is doing wonders. Since becoming aware of my bodies functionality and actually giving a crap about how I fuel it, I noticed an increase in my anxiety. My body was saying ‘Hey Eliza, we don’t like it when you drink milk.. or when you eat meat.. keep clear from gluten as much as possible and maybe cut back on those refined sugars they make me feel icky..” I didn’t know my body was trying to tell me how to help it which lead to anxiety. Now I know what is going on, almost all of my anxiety is gone. ANYWAY I know what my body thrives on now and slowly add things here and there to see how my body reacts.. what it loves.. and what it doesn’t like.

Back on track..

I started adding Maca powder to my diet (diet as in what I eat, not some restricting weight loss silliness) and today my body was giving me signs of much happiness. I have heaps of energy. I started thinking what it was that I have been doing differently and there was only two things.. Maca powder and Exercising.

I grabbed the Maca powder packet and had a quick look at the back of the packet.. Here’s what I have learned:

  • it helps boost energy, endurance, stamina and libido ;)
  • it is an immune system booster
  • packed with iron and vitamin C
  • it has unique alkaloids that help body functionality
  • it helps with stress
  • it helps with PMS
  • it helps with mood
  • it helps with menopausal symptoms
  • it has 19 amino acids

Provided I can trust what is written on the back of the packet (which you usually can’t) it sounds pretty darn terrific.

What I love about this, is I knew none of this before I began using it and I have noticed a change in my energy levels.. so much so I have been working out a lot more. Of course there may be other factors in my life effecting these things, but it seems my body is loving this little sprinkle on my cereal every morning.


Keep it real,



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