A day up the Coast..


With the car packed the night before we woke early enough to say ‘goodnight’ to the moon and ‘good morning’ to the sun. We were headed up the coast for some time outside in the sun and some surfing for R.

wpid-20140822_072919.jpgBy the time we arrived at location 1, the sun was well and truly awake and R hooped while deciding where to go out. Unfortunately the coast is predominately stations which means there are 1080 baits used. Poor Carbo has to stay tethered for his own safety.

wpid-20140822_073927.jpgwpid-20140822_091306.jpgI don’t know if you can make it out, but that cape in the background is the loading dock for R’s work-site. The white lump is a pile of Salt ready to be loaded on the next ship.

wpid-20140822_112205.jpgWe made it to location 2 where I took some time to do some yoga before R went out for another surf. I spent the rest of my afternoon eating oranges, hooping and grooving to some music until R came back in and we went home and crashed out from all the sun exposure.

All in all, a great day spent with my boys and I can’t wait til the surf is small enough for me to take my surf-board out.


Keep it real,


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