Jerry Dohnal - Flickr - CC

Did you know?

Jerry Dohnal - Flickr - CC

Photo by – Jerry Dohnal – Flickr – CC

There has been a video circulating through the interwebs that I wish to share with you all.

I am studying a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and one of my subjects is Social Inequality.

At the mention of Social Inequality I imagine cringing, eye rolling and some blank faces. I assure you I am not going to inundate you with all I have learned in the last 4 weeks (even though it is absolutely fascinating and I think this is what schools should be teaching) but I would like to share with you a little something.

There a many theories in regards to Social Inequality that touch on many different points. Why it exists, how to get rid of it, how society functions with it, what can we do better, what we are doing wrong etc. There is one particular theory that relates to the clip I’m going to share. Alienation.

It is theorised, Capitalism creates Alienation within the people who are doing all the hard work – the labourers. There are many different ways in which they become alienated but one in particular is alienation from what is being produced. For example, a cabinet maker takes pride in his work. He ensures the joins are flush, the timber smooth, that everything is perfect. He would probably get a feeling of satisfaction from it, a sense of pride. Then Ikea comes along and mass produces cabinets. Makes thousands to his 1. He’s probably starting to feel a bit crappy about that. Maybe he won’t try so hard. Maybe he won’t take as much care so he can produce more in a shorter time frame. Will he still have pride in his work? Probably not. He has become alienated from his work. (I haven’t even touched on the monetary aspects. That’s a whole other dimension)

The clip I am about to show you is an example of Alienation (as described earlier) within our world, as it is, today.


Gets ya thinkin’…

Keep it real,


Photo Credit –  Jerry Dohnal – Flickr – CC

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2 thoughts on “Did you know?

  1. Amen sister. There are so many examples of this around the world. When we were in Peru, we learned that quinoa, the ‘Ancient Grain of the Incas’ is now so popular in the West that the poorest populations in South America (who tend to be indigenous peoples) can no longer access it: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2013/11/06/global-demand-for-quinoa-takes-toll-on-andean-farmers-and-consumers/

    Also, a bit off track but similar concept, white people pay indigenous Peruvians to carry their back packs along the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, but most porters can not afford to go inside. We pay these people to carry our things to their sacred site but they can’t go inside and see it for themselves. The children we volunteered with were desperate to see Macchu Picchu and when we showed them pictures in computer class, the class plan went out the window because all they wanted to do was look at Macchu Picchu. The sad reality is, many of them will probably never see it in the flesh.


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