Choice! is where it’s at.

Choice - William Ward - Flickr - CC

Choice – William Ward – Flickr – CC

I’m a very lazy person.

No. I procrastinate, a lot. I find it hard to get motivated and keep motivated. I am renowned for “Ohh I’m feeling good I’ma start doing this, this and this..” and two days later I’m back to my old ways. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stick to a routine and why I had no motivation. It finally clicked guys.. CHOICE. Choice has been predominant in my life over the last couple of weeks.The ‘penny dropped’ and I realise through the power of choice, we, as humans, have a lot of control over who we are, what we do and who we will become. I could argue we don’t have enough choice or control as we should (we have a lot more than humans did in the past), but that’s a whole different blog post.

About a year ago I was toying around with the idea of becoming Vegetarian. I had watched a documentary called ‘Earthlings’ and it made me realise where the meat and dairy I was consuming came from and I didn’t like it. I had too deep a relationship with bacon (mmm, bacon) and decided that “I couldn’t do it”. I didn’t and went on living my life eating all of the bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce sandwiches my little heart (mind) desired. I couldn’t eat meat or dairy without my little voice of reason chiming in. I felt guilty but ignored it and kept on living my life the same way.

A few posts back I mentioned I was going to cut back on alcohol and try being Vegetarian for a while and see if that helped my mood and energy levels. In true Eliza fashion it only lasted a couple of days… because I made the choice to go Vegan! And have been for almost 3 weeks! This was the beginning of breaking my cycle of bad decisions, bad choices.

I thought trialling Vegetarianism would be fairly easy because I didn’t eat much meat anyway. I’d read that most people start by cutting out red meat, which I didn’t really eat, and then slowly cut out white or lean meats. So all I had to do was cut out lean meats, which I did ‘cold turkey’.  Because I was paying more attention to what I ate, I was reading a lot of labels of what we already had in the fridge and pantry. I noticed that a lot of the products I had been buying, for quite sometime, were in fact Vegan. We’d been eating a lot of Vegan foods and not even realising it! It was then I decided to transition to the Vegan lifestyle. In making this decision I did a lot of research, read many a peer reviewed journals and scoped out the mistakes beginner Vegans make.

Vegan lifestyle, for those of you who don’t know, is a lifestyle full of compassion. It is when someone consciously makes the decision to not partake in any food or product that is derived from the exploitation of animals. Now there is a huge debate over what is in fact ‘exploitation of animals’. Is it ok to have your own chickens and eat their eggs? Can you milk your own cow? Everyone has different opinions. For me, being a Vegan is choosing not to support the mass production of animal products which results in the mistreatment of animals and animal exploitation.

Making this decision as lifted a huge weight from me. Not only do I reap the benefits like energy and health but I’m doing my bit to support our little animal friends and the planet we live on. I have not transitioned into a complete Vegan lifestyle in regards to clothing, shoes and accessories but I will. I can’t afford to start my wardrobe again and I don’t have that many clothes so next time I need to purchase anything I will make sure it is Vegan and put it in place of a non-vegan item which I will donate to a second-hand store.

This decision has been the catalyst for change. The flow on effect is amazing. I was bettering my life in one way, so I decided to better it in another way.. SLEEP. I sleep way too much which leads to bad sleep, anxiety, nightmares and is very unhealthy. I’ve been setting an alarm for every morning that is exactly 8hrs from when I go to bed. But in true Eliza fashion this didn’t last and I don’t need to set an alarm anymore! I found if I just listen to my body, when it wakes me up because it’s had enough sleep, I’m right as rain. And guess what! It’s usually 8hrs from when I went to bed! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!

So now that my diet and body clock is all tip top and in working order. I have the energy and the desire to do yoga every morning or go for a spontaneous run. And have been doing so for 3 weeks! 3 weeks is all it takes to create/break a habit!! I read that somewhere so it must be true.

This lifestyle change has been great! I have little to no anxiety and panic attacks, my motivation and energy is just exploding from within and my mind has not been this clear nor have I been this connected with my body in a very long time. I feel lighter. Less blocked. Less cloudy. Which has been majorly beneficial for my assignments and studies.

On top of all of that! I have had a week with no phone. Not by choice. I dropped it in the toilet last week. The old fell out of the back pocket whilst pulling down pants trick. But I have enjoyed not having one. In saying that, my new one will be arriving next week and I’m excitedddd!! NEW STUFF!!

Remember, Choice. Choose to be You. Choose to be healthy. Choose to be Happy. It’ll take three weeks. 3 weeks. Make the positive change and stick to it for three weeks! Let me know how it goes!

Keep being real,

Eliza x

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4 thoughts on “Choice! is where it’s at.

  1. Love this! It’s very inspiring and I’m happy you were able to turn your bad habits into good ones. It really is all about choice. If you choose to change something, you will eventually succeed. It might take time, but in regards of bad habits it’s usually just three weeks that it takes.

    Oh and it’s amazing what happens when you start listening to your body clock! I always wake up at 8.30 A.M. these days. It’s like that’s the time I’m meant to wake up, and the time I’m meant to fall asleep is right after midnight. I used to sleep either too little or too much, but now I’m getting exactly what I need. This leaves me with much more energy to do the things I want and need to do.


    • I’ve been trying to turn my bad habits int good ones for what feels like a very long time. But finally the penny dropped and I feel the best I’ve felt in a while.

      In regards to sleep. It. Is. Amazing.. I don’t think I have ever suffered from to little sleep always too much. It was hard breaking up with my bed, but now we have the best relationship ever! haha


  2. Love this thoughtful post! When I switched over to a plant-based diet, I had the same exact experience of feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. I knew that in my heart of hearts I was always uneasy with eating meat, but I really didn’t expect the change to have such a positive psychological impact. Congrats on your journey! And re: veganizing your wardrobe— I take a sort of Native American approach to using leather. I don’t buy it anymore, but I’ve kept the few items I owned. It feels more respectful to the animal who lost its life to use and appreciate its leather than to have them just become trash. I love your idea of donating the non vegan items to a second-hand store so that they can continue to be appreciated, and you’re also indirectly helping to reduce the demand for new leather.


    • Thankyou so much!!

      For me it’s knowing I’m doing what I can to help earthlings and the environment we live in.. That’s what gives me the boost of good vibes and positivity! And all that has just flowed into other aspects of my life.

      Probably the best decision I’ve made. :)


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