Internet Delays..

WA 2013I’ve been trying all weekend to give my blog a new look and a new feel. This would normally be quite easy, but for some reason, our internet connection has decided to become the slowest thing since dial up.. actually, even slower. It won’t let me upload any photo’s or do any blog editing. I’ll be surprised if it let’s me post this. I’m sorry if everything is a bit all over the place I’ll try and fix it as soon as the internet is better. I think it has something to do with the weather.. or our brand new wireless dongle has broken or it’s because we live in the middle of the desert.. I dunno. Hopefully I will get it all sorted soon so I can get back to my normal blog posts because I have some real good ones to share this week!

Let me know what you think of the layout changes so far. Is it easy to use? Look good? Anything missing? Your feedback is always welcome. Let me know in the comments.

Keep it real,


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3 thoughts on “Internet Delays..

  1. Hope it works faster for you. That can be a pain.


  2. I like it! Very colourful :) I’m inspired, might go change my own layout!


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