Blurred Vision..


My vision for this blog has become all blurry, both metaphorically and literally. I’ve kinda lost where I want this blog to go and what I want it to be so I’m going to be making a few changes. They say your blog is meant to be a reflection of yourself. I remember replying to this ‘But I don’t even know who I am’.. So I decided to let my blog evolve as I did. If you haven’t noticed yet, there have been a few changes, layout wise, in the last 24hrs hence the literal blurry vision. Staring at a computer screen for as long as I have and not having all that much to show for it is not only semi-frustrating but very therapeutic. I’m quite enjoying playing around with my blog layout at the moment and I’m starting to get something I’m really happy with. There will be many more changes to come guys, please hang in there. Hopefully I will have it all sorted over the weekend. The weather has been quite cold and there has been a lot of rain! Which is great because we need the rain here. Terrential rain has been predicted for the weekend so it sounds like the best time to snuggle up with my laptop and tweak this blog until I’m super happy with it but it also sounds like the possiblitiy of power outages so we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you have a relaxing & safe weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

It’s been real,


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