Am I an Adult yet?


It’s a question, I don’t think I’ve ever really asked myself because it’s kinda general knowledge that once you turn 18, “you’re an adult now”. Well that’s in my country anyway.. The more I think about it, all the governments combined cant even decide when you’re deemed an ‘adult’. It’s different everywhere!

How about this one? WHAT determines your adulthood? Is it age? Experiences? Height? Distance?

I ask these questions because after visiting one of my sisters, I received a text message from her saying:

“… I think you’ve grown up! You’re like a full blown adult now… you don’t seem as little a little sister any more…”

At first I was taken back.. because I mean, I have a mortgage, I renovated my house & moved to the other side of the country. I buy my own cars, groceries, condoms, tampons and underwear for goodness sake! I’m a mutha truckin’ ADULT! I replied:

“…Thankyou?…I am nearly 23 so.. kinda makes sense.”

And that was that.

For some reason, it has stuck with me. It has been niggling away at me, in the back of my mind.. “Am I an Adult now?” “Should I declare myself an Adult because I have been given confirmation?” “Wasn’t I an Adult before?” etc etc etc. It really got on my nerves and then I started to feel silly about letting something so little get at me. Especially when it was said so innocently (I think :P).

The definition of adult, in loose terms, is someone who is ‘fully grown or developed’.. I’m sorry, what? Does that mean physically? If so, don’t we keep growing and developing? Taller, shorter, wider, thinner? Does it mean mentally? If so, and I say this with full confidence, not one single person would be deemed an adult if that was the case. I don’t care how old you are, or your experiences. We as human beings, are constantly growing and developing mentally and emotionally.

If I really want to read into this, I need to consider what my sister means by ‘adult’. Gee, who knew conversations could be so exhausting and confusing.

I don’t know what determines you to be an adult.. be it understanding, education, experiences, age or height.. I just don’t know. After thinking about it, I don’t really care anymore. And I don’t think you should really care either. If you want to be an adult, then be one. If you don’t want to label yourself like that, then don’t. There’s nothing specail about being and adult.. I still don’t even understand what the determining factors are.. but I’m sure it’s nothing special. Words are beautiful when used correctly, but then they are very confusing and the definitions are all different based on people’s interpretations of them and the context you use them in etc etc. Here’s something for ya.. How many words do you use on a daily basis and how many of them do you actually know the definition of? I’ma leave this beautiful quote here..

“How many words have you spoken in your life?
How many did you mean?
How many did you understand?”
— Arkaye Kierulf

It’s been real,


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One thought on “Am I an Adult yet?

  1. Eliza, first, sorry for not liking or commenting in a while. If you’ve followed my blog you’ll know why. LOL. Anyway, I loved this post. I remember thinking at 14 I was an adult. Well, physically I certainly was. I had grown and developed into a man for a couple of years already. But then I realize that I didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. I was mature with a good mind and a good soul (I think so) but I lacked something – that mysterious quality that solidifies us as adults. I don’t know when it happened but getting married (at 29) and having a kid nine months later certainly are the bookend point. As in, at least from my engagement to my wife you can’t say I wasn’t an adult. I’d peg it sometime around between 18-20. What was I before that? I guess still an adolescent. Wow! That’s a lot to think about.


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