5 things to get you motivated for Exercise.

I’ve had a few people directed to my blog in search for some motivation to exercise. Boy were they disappointed.

Here are 5 things, I do, to get myself pumped for a workout.

1. Shower.Sun Shower - Phillippe Dessante on Flickr, used with Creative Commons license

Seriously. Shower BEFORE you exercise. By all means, shower after too, but showering before works wonders. I am going to assume that most of you shower before going somewhere like before work, before a date, before bed, before you start the day etc. Why not shower before working out? Here are a few benefits I have found from showering before you exercise:

–  Opening up your pores which is great if you’re about to get your sweat on. It also helps to release unwanted toxins.

– Releasing tension and help your muscles loosen up.

– Relaxing your mind and helping you get into the right mind set for that workout.

2. Dress for the occasion.

Get your workout gear on. I am 10 times more likely to workout if I am dressed the part.

3. Turn off the Television. By id-iom on Flickr. Creative- commons license.

Now I’m serious, turn that thing off. If you like to have the tv on, then get a workout dvd or something the like.. but if you can, turn it off. Don’t even bother ‘seeing what’s on’. The television is the biggest time waster, but I do love me some Master chef :).



4. Don’t think too much.

Don’t think too much about it and just exercise. You start making excuses when you think about it. You’ll find you don’t have enough time or you have something due. Don’t think too much while you’re exercising either. If you’re not concentrating on what you’re doing you may injure yourself. 10 – 30mins isn’t going to kill you and the time you take for yourself to exercise will make you feel better and so will those endorphins when you’re done.

5. Set Goals and Rewards. photo by Edo on Flickr. Creative - Commons license.

I love food. I’m a morning exerciser and I don’t like to eat too much before I go for my run, so I usually guzzle some water and eat a yogurt or something. I love to think about all the delicious healthy goodness I am going to make myself after I have done my workout.. like a reward. Some people set goals and when they reach those goals they get themselves some new clothes or workout gear etc. Set some goals, even if it is daily, and when you reach those goals, reward yourself with your chosen reward. Mine is almost always, delicious healthy food.

So there are 5 things I do to get me motivated to exercise. Remember, it only takes something like 20 days for something to become a habit. It will only be hard to get motivated for 20 days! Then it will become a part of your routine.

I am not a professional and this post should not over rule your personal health practitioner’s advice in any way. This is purely my own experience and opinions.

Keep it real,


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4 thoughts on “5 things to get you motivated for Exercise.

  1. Great post! Check out my blog for posts on staying fit, happy, and healthy!


  2. 10pointplan on said:

    Buying new workout clothes keeps me motivated! I’m much more likely to go for a run if I’ve spent money on a great new pair of leggings!


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