Road trips, new purchases and Life realisations.. Woah..


I have returned from a much needed hiatus and am slowly getting back into a bit of a routine. In saying that, I am not totally thrilled about it. I think I am a nomad, in love with living on the road.

For the last month or so, R and I have been gallivanting across the country,  living at rest stops, out of our car and our much loved swag. Might not sound like much but, we had a blast. We weren’t roughing it the whole time though.. for a few weeks in the middle we were so kindly put up in the In Law’s (thankyou so much) spare room while we caught up with friends & family and shopped til we dropped.

I don’t really know where to begin. Let’s just say I had a blast and am missing being on the road after only being home for 3days. Seriously, I would love to road trip around for months, years!! Around America even! One day my friends. With that, I am glad to be back in my bed :)

I caught up with my best buds Scott and Kimberlee who I haven’t seen  in over a year!  Time hasn’t changed anything and we slipped back into our old drinking habits and silly jokes and all the good stuff. Was told some traveling stories and I was taught some Spanish.. (which I can’t share with you.. for naughty word reasons) Was so good seeing them. Hadn’t realized how much I missed them.

I got to see all of my family, and wish my mum goodluck before she set out to gallivant across Spain.. lucky duck.. Again, nothing has changed. Everyone looks super healthy and happy which is awesome.

If any of you have been studying my Bucket List you will notice I have ‘Learn to Surf’ or something the like on there. Well my friends, that has now come to fruition as I have purchased myself a beautiful beginners surf board! SURFBOARDI’ve already taken it out a few times and just gotten used to how it moves in the ocean and along the waves. I haven’t stood up yet.. so I don’t know if I can cross it off the list. BUT it’s super fun, and I am so super excited to catch some waves.. minus the sharks.. they still terrify me and it’s a feat just getting me out into the ocean haha. The way I see it, if there are more people out there with me, the less chance I have of being eaten.. right?

There is another addition to the family, my beautiful Guitar. I told you I shopped ’til I dropped. Yes, I bought a new semi – acoustic, steel string guitar that is gorgeous and plays beautifully. I have been jamming on it ever since we got home.. I am in love. GUITAR

R got some new bodyboards custom made. They are also gorgeous. AND somehow, Scott and I convinced him to buy a surfboard.. I know.. CRAZY! To be honest, he didn’t even take that much convincing we just let him use our boards.. and BAM he goes and buys a surfboard.

R and I have not been eating the healthiest and have both put on some weight.. We are going to convert one of the spare rooms into a gym and get our fitness on good and proper. I am a little disappointed in myself.. actually a lot disappointed but it’s nothing I can’t change.

Going on our road trip, literally across Australia (I should plot it out on a map for ya’s, it’s pretty cool) and living life day by day made me realize how much I have been putting my life on hold. Obviously it’s only mentally on hold because time keeps ticking. I realized I’ve been trying too hard to keep everyone else happy and not being my true self. I was pretty happy 9 months ago, probably the happiest I’ve ever been and there were things said, and things done so I decided I was doing the wrong thing and that I should stop.. so I did, and since, I haven’t been as happy. It really hit me that I haven’t been completely the person I want to be because of fear of what others think. Which is completely against everything I believe in.. so go figure! I struggle so much with this and it infuriates me.

Anyway.. that’s a brief update.

This blog is a whirl wind of emotions eh?

Welcome to the new followers! Don’t be shy.

Thankyou to the old followers that have stuck by.

Gee I’ve missed this place..

Keep it real guys..



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