FriDiary – Good Vibes and Excitement

I was waiting for the Friday that I would have nothing much to write about, and here we are. I have been ridiculously lazy blogging wise, and haven’t taken any pictures this week. Sorry.

Western Australia Coast

Last Friday we went up the coast again. The swell was meant to pick up for Saturday and R was hoping for a repeat of last time. By the time we got to the spot, the wind was crazy and there were so many wind and kite surfers out. It seems here, that if the surf isn’t good for ordinary surfing, it’s usually good for kite or wind surfing. According to some locals, people travel from all over the world to kite surf the waves here because they’re ‘World Class’ waves. It’s actually really entertaining watching people paddle back in from a surf and then watching them all set up for the wind that is about to hit. And then off they ‘fly’ way out to sea. Anyway, we were watching this one particular kite surfer who is the only kite surfer I’ve seen do some tricks and get some air on the waves, it was very entertaining.

We went back to the camp site and set up camp. While we were just sitting there admiring the happenings, we saw a kite surfer chasing a stray kite. I don’t know if you guys know much about kite surfing (I’m no expert) but it is completely reliant on wind (obvs) and it’s quite a mission to turn around. So this guy was out there for a good 20 minutes trying to get this kite. Eventually he came into shore and swam out to get it. It’s quite dangerous saving kites because of all the lines that come off them. They’re quite sharp and if you get caught up in them you could lose an arm or finger if the kite picks up some wind.

Turns out the kite he was saving was of the girl we were watching doing some mad tricks. She was German and hadn’t ever surfed anything like what we get here so she was just having some fun and then something happened and she had to release her kite. She was really down on herself but, sh*t happens eh?

R had only knocked off night shift the Friday morning so, he was super tired by the time the sun went down. I went and met some of the German travelers and had a good ol chat with them until I was tired enough to go to sleep. (I did have a bit too much to drink)

Saturday came and the swell hadn’t really changed which was disappointing but there was still some wave to surf. R went out for a surf and I frolicked in the shallows. He came in along with a couple of other surfers who were out there. These other surfers are work colleagues of R’s and we all hung out on the shore having a chat, mostly about surfing. This is where I get super excited.

I spend a lot of my time at the beach. I love the beach, but just hanging out in the shallows and stuff just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. So I have been talking to R about learning to surf. Stand-up, not bodyboarding. He decided he would ask one of the guys about how much surfboards cost and all that jazz. We were talking bout it and this guy, who is super nice, said “Why don’t I lend you a beginners board for a while? Then you can give it a go and see if you like it..” And that there, kicked off my surfing obsession which I’ve had for a while but only really came to fruition in the last week. Hopefully this guy comes through and I can give surfing a try! This my friends, makes me super excited!

Which means, for the last week, I have been researching surfing like a mad woman. I’ve even been researching sharks, because I’m terrified of those things, but my desire for catching a wave seems to trump my fear of sharks.. for now. It’s even gone as far as dreaming about surfing. I have been dreaming about it nearly every night.. I really hope I love doing it as much as I love it in theory. It’s on my bucket list, so I have to do it anyway. Oh so excited. If this guy doesn’t lend a board, then I’ve talked to R and we’re going to source one another way.. :D

I’ve been super active and working out every day this week, my muscles hurt, but it ‘hurts so good’. My diet has been super awesome too. I’m in a real good place with my exercise and diet and I’m actually beginning to look forward to my workout sessions now. So that’s good.

What else has been happening?

Oh, I have finally decided what it is that I would like to study and am in the middle of getting my application ready. Fingers crossed all goes well.

I’ve had a productive last couple of weeks where I’ve actually made decisions about my life.. that’s big stuff peeps, biiiig stuff.. and I’m feeling really freakin’ good about everything. I still have my bouts of anxiety over silly little things but as a whole, I’ve been really positive and there are good vibes flying around everywhere.

I am a bit sad that we’re not heading up the coast this weekend, BUT we’re going to be too busy setting up for our trip back to the east coast! I am so excited to see the fam bam!

Anywho, that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend! Sending good vibes your way!!

Keep being real,


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