Thoughts on Thursday – Big Bangs and Space and stuff..

“I love the way you do that right Thurr, right Thurr-sday..”

I’ve been thinking…

I love space, and all the weird and wonderful things that go with it. I frequent space.com to keep me all up to date with new discoveries and awesome facts about the universe we know so little about..

There has been a report of a breaking new discovery that could support the ‘Big Bang theory’. Gravitational waves – which have confused many until now – have been detected. They are said to be the ripples or aftermath from the ‘inflation’ which is the basis of the ‘Big Bang’ theory. It has been put up for Peer Review and I am eagerly awaiting where this all takes us.

OH MY GOODNESS! Pretty amazing right?

For those of you who don’t know what the ‘Big Bang’ theory is, it is the theory that all matter in the universe began as an infinitely hot, infinitely dense, infinitely small ball. A singularity. (A singularity is described as that which defies all our current understanding of physics) These singularities are speculated to be at the center of Black Holes, which in turn suggests that the universe began as a black hole.. Did you know that there is a black hole in the center of the Milky Way!? And that scientists can’t actually detect black holes, they only know they’re there, by observing how things act around them.. But don’t worry, we’re expanding at an accelerated rate away from the black hole.. anyway.. this infinitely small ball then expanded, or ‘inflated’. (The inflation theory is the expansion of space in an extremely fast rate, faster than the speed of light)

Scientists believe they have found the ripples from this explosive expansion. They’re even a lot stronger than they expected. BUT it’s just like the dark matter and dark energy findings. They still don’t understand what it all means completely, but they have detected it and named it. They can’t completely understand what these gravitational waves all mean until they understand and find more evidence of the ‘Inflation’ theory.

A lot of news reports are stating they’ve proven the ‘Big Bang’ theory, but I think that’s a bit premature. Apparently these scientists first detected these waves several years ago and have been analyzing them closely, ruling out them being caused by something else. I think it will take a while before they can go and declare they’ve found proof of the ‘Big Bang’.

Isn’t it all fascinating?

If you’re interested in all things space then check out space.com. If you have another site that you frequent, comment below so I can check that one out too.

It’s been real,


*All of my information was derived from various websites I have read. I am not a professional and all stated is of my own opinion. I am in no way endorsed for anything stated*

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