6 Ways To Get Motivated: Morning Routine

Here is my morning routine, most days – 6 Ways To Get Motivated:

  1. No Snoozing!: This one’s a big one for me. I tend to wake up, then snooze for a while, wake up, and snooze some more and before I know it, I’ve slept way too much and then can’t get to sleep come bed time. As soon as you wake up, or that alarm goes off, Jump out of bed.. Literally if you can manage it. It gets your blood pumping and starts waking that digestive system up. If not jumping out of bed, get up and stretch a bit then make your bed. Getting up and moving is key to get that blood pumping and to get your digestive system ready for breakfast.
  2. Morning Shower: Mornings are the slowest part of the day for me. Getting up to have a shower is an awesome start to the day. It wakes you up and leaves you feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day.
  3. Get Dressed for the Day:  If you’re not a morning shower person, when you get up out of bed, get dressed for the day before you leave the room. I’m a ‘stay in my PJs all day’ kinda girl, and it’s a good practice when you need a lazy day. You may not believe it but clothes have a crazy effect on your mind. Stay in your comfy PJS, you’ll have a pretty lazy day. Get dressed in workout gear, you’ll probably want to get a little active. Getting dressed for the day works wonders.
  4. Exercise!: Yes, getting motivated for exercise is a task in it self BUT if you’ve done the previous steps a little bit of exercise should be no problem at all. When you exercise you release endorphins that make you feel awesome! Runners High is a real thing people, but you can get it from any exercise be it weights, running, pilates, yoga etc. It’s especially motivating when you accomplish something you haven’t accomplished before.. so an extra push up, or running to the next light-post gives you that feeling of ‘I Can Do ANYTHING!!’ and then you carry that on through the day with you.
  5. Breakfast: I have never been a breakfast person until recently. It really is the most important meal of the day. The difference I feel from eating breakfast is amazing. Eat breakfast. Cook yourself a lovely omelet or avocado and tomato on toast or something full of goodness and deliciousness. If your short on time, muesli and yogurt.. SMOOTHIES oh, smoothies.
  6. Sleep: Do not compromise your sleep. Sleep is so important and effects the rest of  your day. Get a good night’s sleep and your motivation will sky rocket. Sleep too much and you will be dragging your feet all day. Do Not Compromise Sleep!

If you keep this morning routine up, it will become the norm and you will be starting out your day super healthy and full of motivation for the rest of your day. It will be hard and draining at first, but after a while, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start doing it sooner!

Keep it real,


*DISCLAIMER – This blog does not constitute medical or other professional advice. This information is my own personal opinion drawn from my experiences.*


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