TunesDay! – FingersMitchellCullen

I have received a recommendation for Tunesday! First ever recommendation!

And boy am I glad.. He is amazing. His guitar playing makes me unbelievably jealous.. So fast! Not to mention it’s a 12 string!!! I can definitely understand why they call him ‘FINGERS’..

I absolutely go nuts over musicians who can switch between multiple instruments, let alone play them simultaneously. They are absolutely phenomenal and just blow my mind, leaving me watching in awe. You know with my mouth hanging open and eyes as wide as saucepans.. One Man Band’s For THE WIN!!

From my research, Mitchell Cullen is freakin’ sweet.

He’s a singer/songwriter who plays:

  • 12 string guitar
  • slide guitar
  • didgeridoo
  • harmonica
  • stomp box
  • banjo
  • percussion


He’s also won a heap of awards and has 5 CDS out and tours!!.. How I didn’t hear about this guy sooner is beyond me.

I love this kinda stuff, it gets me all fuzzy and awestruck.

I don’t know what else to say.. except check out his website.. and support this amazing talent. Literally amazing.


This particular video I chose purely because it was the first one I heard/saw.. As soon as the stomp box comes into play, I get goosebumps and the biggest grin over my face, every single time.

Pure Talent. I’m stoked.

Enjoy, and Thank – you to Roger Gee for the recommendation!

Keep it real folks,


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