Mungday Madness – Quinoa


I know, anything marketed as a ‘SuperFood’ always makes me cautious because they’ll say anything to get you to buy it. BUT quinoa is just delicious.

Quinoa is also marketed as an Ancient Grain.. But it’s a seed. I read it’s actually related to spinach and beetroot.. Cray right?

The deliciousness that is Quinoa is:

– High in protein
– Good source of Dietary Fiber
– High in Iron
– High in Magnesium
– Good source of Phosphorus
– Good Source of Calcium
– Gluten Free
– Contains Some Essential Amino Acids

Not that I am an expert but it all sounds pretty good to me.

It’s available from most supermarkets.. usually in the health food section or where they keep all the gluten free stuff. I guess you could say it’s pretty expensive but It doesn’t take much to fill you up. And I think it’s totally worth it.

There are even different colours! Red, White and Black. I don’t know why but I tend to go for the red quinoa over the others.

Here are some way’s I like to mung out on it:

– Sprinkled on my muesli – although cooked it is much better.
– Soak it in cold water for 2 – 4 hrs and it should start to sprout (when you boil it it sprouts too.. the sprouting is what increases it’s nutritional value) and toss it in salads.
– Substitute for Rice
– Boil it and add it to omelets or scrambled eggs
– I have a recipe for the goodness that is Quinoa Casserole! So surprisingly delicious..

That’s just a few ideas, but it’s pretty versatile and there are some amazing recipe’s out there.

Just a reminder to rinse or wash the quinoa before preparing it.. just like you do with rice. There are some Saponins on the quinoa that are quite bitter and every packet I have ever bought says to rinse or wash it.. so I do.

Do you eat Quinoa? If so, how do you incorporate it into your meals?

Happy Mungday!


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2 thoughts on “Mungday Madness – Quinoa

  1. I love quinoa too but I get the guilts about what a big deal its become in western worlds. When we were in Peru, we were told that because of the quinoa boom in the West it is now so over priced that the traditional owners (descendants of the Incas) can’t afford to eat it any more. That sucks.


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