FriDiary – Camping, Surfing & Photos

I have been terrible this week, and didn’t take many photos. With that said, nothing is really worth reporting except last weekend..

WA MAR 2014

Last Friday we went up the coast and camped the night. I love camping!! Setting up is my favourite part.. Rolling out the swag, starting the fire (although we didn’t have a fire this time, we enjoyed someone else’s), bare foot, everything having it’s special spot.. Oh and star gazing! No ambient lights, just a fire here and there.. amazing. I just love it!

Anyway, we packed the car, and headed off at 1230pm.. Usually it would take 1 and a half hrs to get to the destination.. but for some reason it took us 2 and a half hours.. I don’t know why.. It probably had to do with R’s driving which is weird because he usually drives like a maniac. But, no, this time he decided to drive like an old lady!! I was getting so agitated and frustrated. You know how you’ve been looking forward to something for so long, the day finally comes and then you just wait for the time and the day takes forever? Yeah, that’s what was happening. I was so excited, I just wanted to set up and relax!.. A few beers on the desert road and I was calming down. We finally got there and scored the perfect campsite.. We hung out around the campfire of ‘The Doctor’ (he’s a doctor) that night. He was a pretty cool dude. From what I can gather, he spends most, if not all of his free time up the coast catching the waves and just chilling out. He has mastered campfire cooking. My dream life.. I just gotta surf and I’m halfway there.. the other half is a job.. or an income.. but baby steps people, baby steps.

The swell was picking up, the tide’s were good and the wind was just right. It was going to be R’s first awesome surf (he bodyboards) since moving to WA.. A few too many beers, and Gin and Tonics around the fire wasn’t going to stop him rising with the sun.. or me for that matter.. (getting up super early is apart of the camping experience). I can’t speak for the others though..

By 730am R and I were at the spot. He was running around like mad lathering up in sunscreen and zinc. Wetsuit, fins, board.. he was off!! It was perfect surf, and according to the locals quite big.. There were 4 other surfers out there with him, all stand ups, who didn’t seem too keen on the bomb sets so R had free reign.. He had a blast. It was great.. I didn’t take any photos of him surfing – stoopid me..

 WA MAR 2014

WA MAR 2014

I went for a morning swim, so refreshing, especially if you’re feeling a little bit seedy from the night before drinking habits.. then I perched myself up on the bonnet of the ute (with Carbo), with my fly net (the flies are terrible in summer) and watched the guys all get some awesome waves. Then I grabbed my hoop, chucked on some tunes and hooped around for a while.

R came back in after about 3hrs and we packed up and headed back home for a massive feed. We were going to camp another night but the swell wasn’t going to stick around and we had a birthday party to attend that afternoon.

We’re heading up the coast again today, because the conditions are looking good for Saturday. Looking forward to kicking back, with a book and this view..


Have a great weekend homies,

Keep it real,


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