Mungday Madness – Coconut Water

Nudie Coconut Water

I’ve done some research and most say Coconut Water is just another ‘hyped up health food scam thingy’ but like anything there are still die-hard fans who swear by the stuff, claiming all sorts of wondrous things. Either way, I kinda like it.

Coconut water is taken from green coconuts before it turns into coconut milk. It’s an unusual consistency and I guess you could say, an acquired taste.. I don’t think I could even describe it’s taste, but its consistency.. You know when you’ve just made the bed with fresh linen and it’s just absolutely divine against your skin? Or just after you’ve shaved and moisturized and it’s all silky smooth? That’s what coconut water feels like in your mouth.. Clean and silky smooth..but the taste can sometimes ruin that awesome sensation..

It has been adveritsed as ‘Nature’s Hydration’ or  ‘Nature’s Gatorade’. Whether this is true, I don’t know, but I have found many websites saying it is a major hype and isn’t as beneficial as as they make it seem. BUT, there’s always a but, some studies have shown it helps cholesterol and regulate blood pressure along with some other health benefits.

I started drinking coconut water a few years ago.. and by ‘started drinking’ I mean drank it for the first time. It’s a very interesting taste, and for me, I have to be really craving the taste before I buy it. In other words, I drink it, on occasion, when my taste buds decide they desire coconut water to wash over them.

I’ve tried a few different brands of Coconut Water, never the flavoured ones, just the normal plain ol’ Coconut Water. Some of the brands I have tasted, I would quite honestly never try again. Their taste was a bit too funky monkey for me.. The brand that stands out the most so far is Nudie. I’m not a major fan of Nudie juices but their Coconut Water is on point! It’s very tasty.

I don’t drink it regularly, and I don’t really drink it for the ‘rumored’ health benefits. Sports fanatics apparently go nuts on it.. but lets face it.. I ain’t not sports nut.. so  I like coconut and I like water and that was enough for me to give it a shot. I’ve found it quite refreshing on really hot days, when it’s ice cold, or when I have a hangover (haha). In saying that, I probably wouldn’t go and recommend it for anything other than just trying it out to see what it is..

Happy Mungday!

Keep it real,



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2 thoughts on “Mungday Madness – Coconut Water

  1. Maybe if you stuck to the coconut water there would be no hangover? Not judging just saying… what does rum and coconut water taste like… see that thought right there is why I don’t/can’t judge.


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