FriDiary – Awesome day

We’d slept in, ’til 930am. You know when you sleep in and then the day just seems like it flies by before you’ve even had a chance to eat breakfast and then it’s dinner time?
I wasn’t going to let that happen.

It was R’s last day off before heading back to work and he was moping around as he does when it’s time to go back to work. I distracted him in the morning by taking him shopping, spending the voucher we were given for Christmas. Thankyou In Laws!!

We got home and we kinda just sat there thinking, what are we gunna do? Now, I’m pretty freakin’ lazy and am usually so, so not in the mood for spontaneous trips up the coast.. mainly because they take so long to prepare for.. but for some reason I was super duper keen to go for a drive, I only had to convince R. That wasn’t too hard and within 15 minutes of suggesting it, the car was packed and we were on our way..

It was hot, I didn’t check how hot, but I’m talking high 40C hot. So hot there were mini dust tornado’s everywhere. These little tornado’s are formed because it is so hot it changes the air pressure and then woosh.. there they go. Now when I say little, I mean in comparison to the one’s I’ve seen in Twister.. like they’re tiny compared to that and there is no where near as much force.. obviously.. but they will shake the care a bit if you drive through one. I was actually really quite shocked at how big some of them were. They were popping up along the road as we were driving.. One of them, which was quite big.. it probably went up about 1km and was a few meters wide.. did cross the road in front of us.. and I was terrified and thought we were going to die.. but it only got the cars in front of us.. they survived without even a little hiccup they were just extra dusty cars now.

We went back to the spot we found last time, but unfortunately there was a ridiculous amount of seaweed.. We tackled the burning hot sand dunes and found a patch where there was the least amount of seaweed and swam there for a while.. but there wasn’t much shade and we were getting concerned about Carbo.. So off we went to a new location.

Munchin’ on beef jerky, drinking a cold beer, cruising through the desert was pretty freakin’ awesome. I love being on the road and can’t wait to make our trip back home at the end of the month.. It was my first time trying beef jerky.. that stuff smells funky, but it really is quite tasty and only a little bit is need and you’re satisfied for a while.. and you can get it at nearly every servo..

We found a spot where the waves were pretty awesome and R wanted to go body surfing.. While he was sussing out the best way to get out there, I explored the surroundings, took a selfie and found a beautiful little lagoon. WA FEB 2014WA FEB 2014WA FEB 2014The water was so clear in this little patch and it was the perfect spot to enjoy another cold beer and cool down. There was some reef around and we happened to have our snorkeling gear in the car so we floated around looking at sea urchins, stripy fish and fish that looked like they were walking along the coral. I even spotted a cute little hermit crab making its way along the reef.

WA FEB 2014WA FEB 2014

I can’t brag enough about how amazing the coastline is here in WA compared to NSW. Not that NSW coastline isn’t beautiful.. but it’s nothing like the coast I have seen here. The rock shelves, and the cliffs are spectacular. Very much ‘Where the desert meets the sea’

The sand in this particular spot was obviously still bits of shell. I assume this is what sand would look like under a microscope. It’s awesome at this size because its so easy to wash off and doesn’t really get caught in places you don’t like sand getting caught in..

WA FEB 2014WA FEB 2014There was something about this day that just made it the best outing up the coast we’ve had so far. I think the fact it was spontaneous might have had something to do with it. I am so excited to head back up the coast on R’s next break. We’re still working on mastering our shade set up and need to test out the new design.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Keep it real!


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  1. I remember those days….bloody awesome…..xxxx Sandra

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