I can’t believe it is Friday already..

Last Friday night, I was having a few wines with R, recording myself covering some songs and sending them to my sister. We have this little thing going on where we send each other snippets of the songs we’ve been learning. Then we got invited out to the pub.. so we went.. and lets just say I spent my Saturday very nauseous and in bed.. All day.. seriously why do we do it to ourselves?

We did however get given a Cray Fish freshly caught that day. R has been telling me about cray fish for a while.. but when I actually saw one, in real life I was shocked! They are huge!! Cray fish are just like Lobsters except apparently a bit sweeter and they don’t have big pincers.
CrayFish WA FEB 2014So we chucked that bad boy in a pot and boiled it until it went all orange.
CrayFish WA FEB 2014
It was absolutely delicious and it filled both R and I up.. yummo. I would defiinitely eat some of that again.. mmmmmmmMmmmmmm..

CrayFish WA FEB 2014I played so much guitar that my fingers blistered.. again. I mean, it’s something that just happens but boy it hurts.. and my calluses are going to be gnarly.

Blisters WA FEB 2014

We endured a few 40C + days.. My question is.. how do people work out in this heat? Air-conditioning I guess. But I’m not a massive fan of air-conditioners. I prefer the fresh air.. and fans. This one time, I saw a man doing triathlon training in a high 40C day.. in the middle of the desert. CRAZY! There I was, sweating.. a lot.. in our air conditioned car thinking I’m about to die of heat exhaustion and here’s this guy, running and he gives us a little wave..

We went for walks, and Carbo had lots of fun running up and down the beach with us. How beautiful is the water and the sand here.. not even edited..
WA FEB 2014WA FEB 2014

Yesterday we decided to make the 1hr trek to the gorgeous coastline here.
We had some trouble at first, making some wrong turns and facing really steep dunes..
We finally found our way and boy was it worth it.WA FEB 2014 The water was so warm.. we just floated in it for about an hour. We tried to get Carbo out there with us but it seems he’d rather use R as a surfboard which doesn’t really work because I mean, he’s pretty heavy. So instead he had fun running up and down the shore and playing in the little waves, and sniffing all of the coral scattered around.

WA FEB 2014

We had this little spot all to ourselves.. we have actually been pretty lucky and always get these beautiful spots to ourselves.. unless R is going for a surf in a known surfing spot.

WA FEB 2014

Unfortunately I don’t have a waterproof camera, but I think I’m going to have to invest in one to take on our beach adventures.. we swam here.. in the light blue water.. after we scaled the cliffs to get there. It was loads of fun.

WA FEB 2014

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back on Monday!

It’s been super duper real,


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