Thoughts on Thursday

I love the way you do that right Thurr, right Thurr-sday..

I’ve been thinking.. (look out)

Do ya’ll know what’s going on in the World?

That question may sound a bit dramatic, but seriously.. do ya?

I follow RT on Twitter and check the website pretty often. It’s a Russian News website that I feel, actually reports on the goings on in the world around us. Now don’t get me wrong, everything you hear and read you have to take with a grain of salt and the media love to misconstrue things.. but I dunno. I love how RT report on things that, I guess you could call it, ‘Mainstream” media don’t. Or at least not in as much detail.

I don’t know about you, but I am interested in what happens in the world around us.. and I don’t mean the little ‘world’ of Australia, US and UK.. which is all I really seem to get in my Newspaper. I tend to not read the newspaper and listen to the radio instead.. so I kinda keep in the loop on my local (meaning my country’s) news there.. But for everything else.. RT is my go to news website..

I like to know when a riot in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt etc breaks out, and what the people are fighting for.. and how their Government handles the situation..I also like to see if the US decides to come save the day.. which they seem to like doing.. whether they should or not?.. I dunno.

I like to know if another Snowden Leak has emerged and how it has effected whomever was involved and how they reacted.. I also like to know who’s giving who missiles and all that stuff..

Basically, I like to know what’s going on in the world.. and I think RT keeps me in some sort of loop.. Instead of reading every country’s newspaper to know what’s going on, RT puts it in one spot for me.. Again it’s media.. and media twist and manipulate..I’m not saying they’re perfect.. Just to make that clear.

It is quite alarming the things that are happening in the world around us.. This may sound naive but I sometimes forget there are other countries.. I’m sure a lot of people do. Like duh, there are other countries.. but their not just shapes on a map or names in a book.. their legit places with actual people that live and breathe and have issues. You get so caught up in your own little world you forget that you are apart of a much bigger thing. Like a MUCH BIGGER thing..

I’ve been having trouble with the fact that ‘The World Keeps On Turning’ which it literally will keep on turning unless something crazy happens in the universe and everything stops doing what it has been doing for billlions of years.. or well, in all seriousness.. who really knows how long?

More so how Life goes on.. It really troubles me that there are all these things going on and yet, there are still people out there who complain over their Chai tasting like warm milk, or that they spilt coffee on their shirt and they have an important meeting about how they’re going to market the next smartphone GOD!.. ya know?

People take life too seriously but then they don’t take it seriously enough. Maybe we have our priorities wrong.. I mean.. we definitely have our priorities wrong..

I’m not perfect by any means.. I try to remember that I am just a spec of dust on a reasonably small planet floating around an average sized galaxy just chillin’.. but then I get caught up in my own world and everything that goes on with me, is the biggest thing since the beginning of everything in the world ever and I am going to die if I burn my toast this morning because then the rest of my day will be shit..

Stupid right?

I mean, there are people running from Uganda because they can get 14yrs prison for being homosexual.. Heck, it’s illegal in Russia! Like are you even serious? How can you tell people who they can and cannot love?

I even find myself listening to the news and there’s a report on someone being murdered and I just kinda, shrug it off. I’m not okay with how a murder is just a normal 7.30 report you know? But then if it happens in your home town.. It’s bigger than Ben-Hur..
Unless you live in Sydney or the Bronx.. Wait! I remember in my hometown back on the east coast.. A man was dead in the park for a considerable amount of time before anyone actually went to see if he was okay. That’s sad man.. like seriously..

How many people help Little old ladies across the street these days? Or even just help a fellow citizen… Do people still do that?

Did you know that the US are thinking about testing 3-person fertilization techniques on humans?.. Babies created from the DNA of 3 people to avoid possible genetic diseases.

Did you know that Colorado is absolutely flabbergasted after seeing their first ever marijuana tax figures?

Did you know that there has been a new weapon that will only fire if the owner is holding it?..

Anyway.. that’s my Thoughts on Thursday stream of consciousness on the happenings in the world and humanity…

Do you keep up with the goings on of the world?

It’s been real,



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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday

  1. lovefromtara on said:

    speaking of homosexual Russians, I watched a doco a few weeks ago about homosexuality in Russia (there are a few people who have stood up to the govt etc) anyway, the homosexuals have their own taxi service in Russia because they fear being bashed or arrested, so there are homosexuals that basically run their own taxi service so that they’re safe….


  2. I’m a bit slow on the uptake – it’s Friday and I’m still on Thoughts on Thursday. As you probably know I often think about these things – but have never heard of RT. I will definitely check it out. I am thinking a lot about the basics of human connection at the moment, like the B-A-S-I-C-S, which I think a lot of us have lost touch with. Did you know that a lot of councils in Australia are offering small funding grants for people to put on a street party or BBQ? Funding grants, man. People have forgotten how to chat with their neighbours, extend themselves as far as next door and invite people over for a snag. Everyone is so busy, worried about money, worried about work, worried about worrying. It doesn’t have to be like this, it really doesn’t. And if we could just bring things back to basics, I reckon half of the messed up shit that goes on in this world would be non existent. Thanks for the post xx


    • Seriously? That’s pretty sad. I admit, I’m not the most social person but I like to think I try to make an effort with my neighbours. And I smile at people in the street, even of they look away awkwardly or yell obscenities at me.. I dunno, we’re pretty good at alienating ourselves aren’t we? and like I said in the post, getting caught up in our own little existence..forgetting the bigger picture.


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