Whinging Wednesday!

Whinging Wednesday

Here’s my weekly chance to whinge and whine about whatever the hell I want.. Oh Yeah!!

I spent way too long staring at this screen trying to find something to whinge about.. Don’t get me wrong.. I thought of plenty of things to whinge about..

My dog farts. a lot’

When you go to Cafe to get your Chai Latte because they can make it the best.. and it just tastes like warm milk”

“The ridiculously annoying mood R gets in when he gets home from his last night of nightshift. Jumping on the bed with excitement at 6.30am is not my idea of awesome”

“That one person who gives advice, but never takes it.”

That one person who whinge’s about lots of things, but from your point of view, doesn’t seem to change anything to help their situation”

That person who decided they didn’t want to buy the chicken breasts and dumps them in the pasta aisle”

“The competitive runner on the treadmill next to you at the gym”

“The ‘you’re only young’ line”

“Or the ‘It’s just a phase’ line”

But every time I started typing it out… I couldn’t help but feel there are worse things. If all I have to whinge about is my Chai tasting like warm milk, then I’ve got it pretty good eh?

Well at least that’s how I feel about it this week..

I don’t know if Whinging Wednesday’s are going to work.. Back to the drawing board methinks.

Keep it real amigos/amigas,


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