I still need your help!!

Over the weekend I asked you guys to think about some themed days and send your suggestions my way..

I have taken your suggestions on board.. and I have the following..

– Mungday Madness: This is going to be my food day. I will post recipe’s, and photos of some food I have mung’d out on.

If you don’t know what Mung means.. well according to the interwebs it means something ‘disgusting’ but in my circle of friends and family.. To mung out on something is to stuff ones face full of goodness.. or to eat a lot of.. to munch on.. to snack on.. etc..

– Tunesday: This is pretty self explanitory.. I love music.. its a part of my everyday life whether I’m singing, playing guitar, or rockin out to Triple J, music is always there somewhere.. so naturally… I had to have a music day.. or in this case.. Tunesday. I will recommend a tune I’ve been diggin’ recently and why I like it.. Maybe in the future… I will even do some covers of my favorite songs.

– Wednesday is still in question.. Workout Wednesday.. Whinging Wednesday.. I dunno.. This one I still need your help on. 

– Thursday: Still in question.. Things I like Thursday was a suggestion but I’m still a bit unsure about it.. 

– Fridiary: A personal post where I catch you all up on my week.

So.. What do you think so far? And how bout some ideas for Wednesday and Thursday??

You can comment suggestions and your feedback on the Facebook Page, or Tweet @LizThinksAllowd.

I look forward to hearing from you!

It’s been real,


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2 thoughts on “I still need your help!!

  1. lovefromtara on said:

    I love all of them, I think whinging Wednesday would be awesome. but I think you’ve done well! :)


  2. I love this idea and am quietly jealous that I didn’t think of it. :)

    I love Whinging Wednesday, we all need a day when we can feel free to just rant about something!


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