GTS Friday Thinkshop

Old saying: “You cannot anticipate crazy” 

Who knows what’s crazy?

Is it picking out all of the good beans in the supermarket and leaving the dregs for the next person?

Is it pulling out all the useless signs (and signage) that are reproducing like mad across the country side?

Is it using a bucket of dirty water to clean the floor?

Is it using shiny wall tiles as floor pavers?

Is it crazy to question what is crazy or to think about it even?

What do you do with crazy thoughts?

Write them down?

Maybe the green grocer should hand out the beans so everyone gets a mixture?

Is it crazy to expect everyone to share (good and bad)?


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3 thoughts on “GTS Friday Thinkshop

  1. “What do you do with crazy thoughts?”

    Write ’em down. That’s why we all have blogs, isn’t it? ;-)


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