Changing it up..?

In an attempt get some order around here I have decided to give Themed Days a go.. This way, I can plan my blog posts better and you all know what to expect each day.

If you don’t know what I mean by Themed Posts here are examples:

Music Monday – where I recommend a song and tell you why I like it. 


How To Tuesday – where I post up a how to guide for something.

So far I have:





FRIDAY – Follow Up Friday: Where I review my week in one post.. I thought this would be good because it would be ONE personal post as apposed to multiple personal posts a week.

So here’s where you come in..

What would you all like to read from me?

How To posts? What We Ate posts? Reviews? Recommendations? Music? Covers? Opinion?


Any Feedback and suggestions would be so greatly appreciated.

I would like to have some sort of structure by Monday.. or Tuesday.. Depends on if I get any suggestions lol If I don’t get any suggestions.. then I’m going to have to come up with them all myself and who knows how that will turn out.

I made it easy for you :) Just fill out the form below.. gimme your suggestions.. or let me know if you think this whole thing is even a good idea!

Keep it real ma homies!


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3 thoughts on “Changing it up..?

  1. lovefromtara on said:

    i’m about to pick up my series’ again, I think the biggest problem is sticking to it for me hahaha. but I like the idea of music Monday, if I can think of anything i’ll let you know. maybe do a viral day where u share the days most viral videos etc I don’t know im really bad with ideas haha


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