Did someone say “Friend”?

Eliza FEB 2014My question to you lovely people is:


Okay.. maybe not OLD people.. but..


Seriously how do you do it?

I’ve gotten over my ‘being alone is all I’ll ever need’ and ‘who even needs friends.. being alone is awesome!’ phase. (Although I still love to be alone.. and I think it’s healthy to be able to be happy in your own company)

But MAN! As much as I love myself (that sounded different in my head).. I’m driving myself mad!

I have never been very good in social interactions.. and most of the time I come across as shy.. or a bitch who is completely uninterested in the topic on hand… Really I’m just nervous as hell and trying to contain my mini anxiety attack.. which usually goes a little something like this..

Oh they’re nice.. Am I smiling too much? I’ll just keep drinking my drink..I wonder if they can see my clammy hands… lets just fidget ridiculously.. Am I fidgeting.? STOP fidgeting.. OH that was funny.. should I laugh? Everyone else is laughing.. Laugh Eliza! *laughs* Was that too much? OH MY GOSH THEY’RE ASKING ME A QUESTION… *answers in 140 characters or less* 

Yeah.. you get the point..

I am willing to work past this and make some friends in this tiny town.. but I am at a loss as to how?

How do you meet people.. when you don’t have school.. or a job to get you out there, all amongst it?

Can I hear you saying..”Find a social group Eliza”?

Yeah.. I’ve looked.. and I can’t find any.. Other than ones for kids..

Now can I hear you saying “Get a job Eliza”?

Yeah.. I’ve been looking.. there’s nothing going..

My theory is.. Most of the people here are either long time residents, back packers or working in the Mine. Everyone else seems to bail to Perth once they come of age.. so to speak.

I think I’m going to have to either.. Have a baby so I can join mother’s group, or get used to being on my own.. Pretty sure the latter is the best choice..


Keep it real,


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5 thoughts on “Did someone say “Friend”?

  1. lovefromtara on said:

    lets face it Eliza, you don’t exactly live in a highly populated area haha. but I will say this, don’t force it and don’t stress out about it,. I think if people like you, or want to be friends, you’ll generally know straight off the bat and you seem pretty likeable. as for meeting people – I’ve got no idea, most of my friends have been people I’ve met at the pub, while drunk hahaha. have you looked into volunteering? I made a few friends through doing that when I wasn’t working, besides its a good way to get out the house and keep busy for one day a week, that’s if you can do it up there? or just come to Adelaide for a week and visit me, that’ll break up the monotony. :)


    • There’s literally not that much going on here.. I’m just going to have to get used to it me-thinks. Maybe I should study something to keep me occupied.. but then I have the issue of deciding on what to study.. I’m terrible at this lol. Adelaide eh? I’ve only been there once.. when I was younger.. doesn’t sound too bad Tara.. not too bad at all..


      • lovefromtara on said:

        that sucks. yeah study, I think that’s a good choice, something to occupy time with. I get it though, it must be hard!
        well, you’re more than welcome to come and visit if you get super bored, you sound like you need a change of scenery for a little bit.


  2. I have often wondered this myself. Sadly, I don’t have an answer for you :) My best guess is this: people like to talk about themselves. If you can be (genuinely) interested in other people, it serves to both a) distract them from your clammy fidgeting hands and b) causes them to leave feelings mucho satisfied with the conversation, which they will translate into happy feelings about you. Whether that translates into friendship is anybody’s guess. :)


    • Very true Sara, very true.. I guess I should just not try too hard and obviously stop worrying and be myself (like anything in life really) After some sleep, I have realised.. I have made some friends right here!! And that’s pretty awesome..


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