Walks, wine and more wine..

Hello my lovelies!! How was your weekend? I hope you all had a good time! Mine was… Different..This weekend had its ups downs.. with the loss of Nahli it was pretty emotional at times and we, R, Carbo and I, cried.. multiple times.. a day..

We lost one of our best friends.. and having to ease back in to life without her.. was harder than I expected. No poo’s on the deck, no chewed up pegs or drink bottles, not even any chewed up underwear.. (I guess we know now which pooch was the naughty one) Every little thing we normally did with her.. we all of a sudden, had to do without her.. This made me realise:

  1. how much she was a part of my life.
  2. how much I took her company for granted
  3. how she was an absolute little ruckus
  4. how much I love her

Carbo spent hours looking out at the fence, waiting for her to come home..

Carbo FEB 2014

BUT this isn’t going to be all depressing.. YES we cried, and we mourned.. and we will get there.. In time..

In easing into our new life.. Carbo and I have been spending a lot more time together… He likes to give me kisses.. I don’t really like receiving said kisses but.. how can you turn down free kisses?

Carbo and I FEB 2014

We didn’t really do much.. as R was working.. so we kinda just drank wine.. watched the OC and went for walks..

Yes, I have only JUST started watching the OC.. Lets just say.. I love it.. and I am crushing Hardcore on Seth Cohen.. I love the nerdy ones, so it seems.. PLUS he skates.. and I totally want to learn to skate!!

Like I said.. We drank wine..

Carbo and I FEB 2014

He didn’t, but I did.. there was a bargain bin at the local liquor store.. so $5.99 bottles of wine.. like who could over look that? Honestly.. they weren’t even that bad.. but Moscato.. WAYYYY to sweet.. me no likey.. My theory is: ONLY BY WINE ON SPECIAL. That way I get to taste a variety of wines.. and you know what.. for a 22 yr old.. I’m actually starting to taste a difference.. Red wine is my favourite.. Shiraz but Merlot is ok..

I’m pretty sure you overseas people don’t have Shiraz or Merlot.. I am under the impression us Australians are weird and have all these different things we do over here special. :D

Carbo FEB 2014

We went for walks.. Today, we actually walked almost 10km in total. We got a canopy fitted to the back of our ute.. Super stoked with how it turned out. Can’t wait to road trip with it!!

On one of our walks I found myself having the sun setting to my right.. and then turn to my left.. the moon.. It was pretty cool. So I took some photos.

Sunset WA FEB 2014


I only took these with my phone so they aren’t the best.. I should post some photos of the wicked sunsets I have seen here. Being on the West Coast.. the sun sets in the West.. so I am experiencing sunsets over the ocean, and it’s pretty spectacular.. Although I haven’t yet been down to the beach and watched a sunset yet, but from our deck, they’re still amazing.. the colours *sigh*..


Moon WA FEB 2014

the Moon.. It’s so different to the sun.. like obviously but.. the moon gives off a sense of peace, for me anyway.. and the sun.. is burning hot and intense.. yeahhh

I thought it was pretty awesome..

That was my weekend, pretty mellow..

How was yours?

Ohhh and I’m going to order a dvd/book combo to learn Spanish. I am so excited, I can’t even explain. I can’t wait to watch the Spanish movies and actually understand what they’re saying.. !!! Another thing to cross off the bucket list..

It’s been real amigos/amigas,


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3 thoughts on “Walks, wine and more wine..

  1. lol, us overseas people definitely have Merlot and Shiraz! Its fun tasting new wine. I actually really like a lot of the Australian and New Zealand wines! We’ve got quite a few nice wine regions over here in Ontario, Canada… check some of them out if you have a chance :)


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