Love and other things..

Valentines Day

I’ve never been one to really celebrate Valentines day. I know what you’re thinking..

“Is that written on toilet paper?..” (answer is yes.. was it deliberate? no.. but it fits well now that I think about it.)

Not what you were thinking?.. maybe this then..

Another anti valentines person who hates that businesses have commercialized one of, if not, THE nicest emotion anyone can give or express.. making squillions of money every year…”

Valentines Day is a crock and your love should be celebrated everyday.. not just February the 14th. :)

Talking about Love..

Yesterday I lost one of my best friends. She was a part of my life, every day, for 3.5 years.

This morning was a bit rough.. R headed back to work and only had one pooch to eat breakfast with and one pooch bidding him farewell. I usually lay in bed, listening to my little family helping Dad get ready for work.. but there was not as much commotion this morning.. Only one set of claws tapping on the floors..

One pooch who is not his normal excited self. He misses her.. He spent a lot of this morning looking for her.. pacing up and down the fence.. waiting for her to jump back into his life.. My heart breaks..

I hope Carbo is okay.. If only he could talk so I could explain what happened and then he could tell me how I can help him..They were inseparable.. been together for their whole lives.. only 26 days apart in age..

R left and I had my normal morning snuggles.. but with one missing. No little miss, nuzzling her way into my neck.. or those horrible old lady noises she used to make licking her lips. No new pegs that have been chewed through the night..

I knew this day would come.. but I never thought it would happen so soon. She was only 3.5 years old and so healthy and energetic. To see her deteriorate in 3 days.. literally broke my heart..

I got up this morning looking like I’ve had an allergic reaction. My eyes are so puffy I’m surprised I can still open them.

My heart is in my throat and my stomach is in knots…

I loved our little Princess, we all did.. I just want to hug her one more time.. or for her to not be gone..

It’s amazing how your pet is apart of your family. It may sound silly to some.. especially to those who aren’t ‘pet people’.. They have their own personalities, their likes and dislikes, their mannerisms and habits.. their place in your family.

Love is an amazing emotion that should be felt by all. It can be expressed in so many different ways.. I kinda think Love is the accumulation of all emotions.. in a way..

Express your love for those who matter in your life.. every day.. even if it’s just a text to say “Hi”.. Let them know you appreciate them.. You could change their lives by doing so.. Thank them for being who they are.. or just for being in your life.

So there is a depressing, emotional, sad, post about Valentines day and Love. Sorry.. I’m not really feeling it at the mo..

Hug your family, tell them you love them.. not just today, but everyday.. Because in seconds.. they could become a memory..

Woah.. so deep.

Happy Valentines Day everyone..

Have some photos of my Little Miss..

Morning KissesRoad TripsSilly poochesBest FriendsLittle Miss Nahli

Little Miss Nahli, you broke our hearts. We love you. Happy Valentines Day. xx

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5 thoughts on “Love and other things..

  1. Crying for you right now. So so sorry about Nahli. (hugs)


  2. Gee whizz….you really know how to make a girl cry on Valentine’s Day!!!! Sandra


  3. It hurts like a bastard :-( In time you’ll adapt, but you’ll never forget. And just when you think you’ve cried all your Nahli tears, a few more will pour out of somewhere deep inside when you least expect it. Poor girl. The pooch and you xx


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