GTS Friday Thinkshop

On 13 April 1996, Deirdre Macken (Sydney Morning Herald – “The soulless corporations”) quoted Simon Domberger (Bowater professor of management at Sydney University): “Business is no longer regional, state or national; it’s global.

As companies try to adjust to that new environment, their social responsibilities take second place to survival” Other eminent entities were cited in support of this view.

Presumably, the businesses of the day wouldn’t have agreed.

Thinking about it, is it better or worse today? (nothing stays the same). Was it worth reporting? Who listens? Who acts? What is the result?

On 24 January 1999, Jim O’Rourke (Sun-Herald) wrote “You can’t cling to one job for life. — The secret of keeping a job in the new millennium is not to become too closely identified with one company.”

What about the public service & the public good?. What about security and certainty and predictability?

On 27 February 2009, Andrew Carswell (Daily Telegraph) covered the Pacific Brands demise under the banner “Up the workers: Corporate greed betraying the nation”.

It seems recent history is quickly ancient history. Presumably, those that have a feel for what was happening over the past two decades are rapidly approaching marketplace obsolescence.

Communicating and thinking…. can wear one down over time.


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