Nahli update..

We went and saw her this morning to get an update. They let us have cuddles and kisses and pats and stuff so that was nice..

She had stopped vomiting after she was given a shot of special ‘stop vomit’ medicine but still not eating or drinking much. By this morning she had diarrhea..apparently really gross, thick, yuck stuff… And the vet noticed she was walking funny..

She’s a bit wobbly on her back legs.. So they kept her til the afternoon..

We just got a phone call saying she has eaten and had some water and she has kept it down or in.. Thank goodness


There is still concern with her back legs. Seeing how little miss has discovered she can jump the fence, we don’t know what she has eaten.. if she has eaten anything.. whilst on her adventures beyond the fence.

There have been cases of dogs eating dead birds, causing neuro toxicity and leading to paralysis..

That means toxins in the dead bird have caused the dog’s brain to fry and paralyze them and also effect their sight and other things that you use your brain for..

Nahli still has eye sight.. So that’s good..

So they want to keep her until they see improvement in her wobbly legs..

My poor little miss..

I hope she comes home soon because her brother Carbo, is very miserable without her.. He misses her.. So is mum and dad.. We miss her.. And don’t even want to consider losing her…

Sad times.

Let’s hope for the best eh?

Keep it real, and hug your pets for me..



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2 thoughts on “Nahli update..

  1. Get better Dingo Princess!


  2. ohhhhh…… Copper and Finnigan (the Beagle brigade) send lots of doggy love to Nahli! Get better soon pretty girl!


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