My poor little girl..

So my little princess, miss Nahli (my cutie pooch) has been unwell. We stayed up with her all night while she vomited and vomited and vomited and vomited

As soon as the vet opened we took her to go get checked out. We were anticipating the worst because the little schnookums has been jumping the fence recently… and there is a lot of 1080 around these parts.. If you don’t know what it is.. click here.. its real bad stuff and sucks heaps.

We have just heard that the Xray doesn’t show any blockages.. so she wont need to be operated on.. thank goodness.. my poor little girl. She’s very unwell though and they’re not sure why.

So, they’ve given her some stuff to stop her from vomiting and they’re going to give her some food later on today and see if she can keep it down..

Anyway.. I’ll post normally soon.. tomorrow perhaps.

I had a horrible night, watching my little girl get sick.. nursing her, cleaning up her vomit.. :(

I can’t imagine what it would feel like for parents and their kids.. it was bad enough with my pooch..


Keep it real muchachos!


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4 thoughts on “My poor little girl..

  1. lovefromtara on said:

    oh no! I know the feeling all too well. my dog nala got parvo when she was a puppy, its the worst feeling knowing that they’re sick and there’s nothing you can do, nor can they tell you whats wrong :(


  2. Oh, no! I hope she feels better soon!!


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