GTS Friday Thinkshop


Independent experts say shop around (for everything).
This is because prices vary so much (you can save).

They say every one or 2 years.
Conditions of use also vary so much.
Each condition is reflected in a cost to the consumer base collective.
There are lots and lots of conditions, some of which are vague.
Need a team to do the comparative analyses.
Can’t predict personal and framework futures.
Therefore, can’t be sure what’s the best for each customer.
Big task to get preliminary on-line quotes from providers in one area.
There could be 30 of them.
They need to know everything including a lot of irrelevant history..
When it comes to age, years aren’t good enough. Need to know DOB.
There is no room for grey areas or matters requiring clarification on line.
No on-line means no discount.
Not using their other things or affiliations means no discount.
No loyalty history means no discount.
Is the loyalty worth it when the thing provided “aint so good no more”?
Submit the (up to 30 ) details to every provider and they know everything.
Nothing to be scared of?
OK for the whole world to know everything about the squeaky clean?
Deciding on a particular provider means a new quote.
Can’t merely amend information (eg DOB) on previous quote.
Free, competitive, contestable, privatised, fragmented, complex markets.
Confusing, resources-hungry, tiring, inefficient, uncontrolled, unstable.
Peddling fear and overloading keep customers scared, bewildered and worn out.
They’ll buy anything at the end of the day (not really knowing or wanting to know).
Keep shopping around!!!!!!!??????????

The above situation doesn’t apply to real life of course (idea for a movie script
applicable to some distant fictional planet)

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