I’d like to thank my mum, my friends, my agent…

THANKYOU!!It has come time, to give credit where it is due.. and what better way, than to post a selfie, holding a sign that says it all!!! (you can’t really see it.. but it’s even written in pretty gold ink..)

This is a little poem, dedicated to you guys, the readers..

I never imagined

I would make it this far

oh, how bazaar..

60 of you

come here for the view

thank you, and you..

and even you there too

I hope you stay

please don’t go away

My ‘thanks’ to you

The 60 of you..


I think the poem says it all..


But seriously, I started this blog with no real idea what it was going to be.. or what I was doing.. Heck, I still don’t ..

But you guys don’t really seem to mind.. and I kinda like what we have going here..

Thankyou again peeps! You’re the best!

It’s been super real,


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