I’m bAAaack!

Hello my lovelies!!!

I am so sorry it has been so looonnngggg.. internet issues.. and all that bitnizz. I think we’ve got it sorted now.. we will see.

I have so much to report on.. well not really, but kinda..

Let’s see… Triple J’s Hottest 100 was where we left off.. I would just like to say, 100 – 001 wasn’t anywhere near as awesome as 200 – 101. It was weird, most of the songs I loved, didn’t make it into the top 100.

Australia Day is the same day as Triple J’s Hottest 100 day. I didn’t really celebrate Australia Day.. except we did go to a pool party type thingy.. which was awesome because it was really hot. Then in the night time, we watched the fireworks (they do Aussie Day fireworks here) from our deck! Then it rained!

Rain is a bit of a rarity in these parts. It seems we are situated beneath an invisible umbrella.. the radar shows lots of rain around us.. but we very rarely get any of it.. so that was exciting!

We have a river here now too.. Thanks to all the rain around us, and a cyclone up North, the river started running for the first time in 3 years. I can’t really comprehend how amazing that actually is.. especially for the locals and the plantation owners, but still.. I was pretty pumped to see the little bit of water trickling under the bridge.. which soon turned into a river.

We ventured to a place called Rocky Pool, just last week. We went for a walk up the river and swam (Then my Father reminded me of River Monsters.. thanks dad) We decided we are going to go camping there at some point.. which will be super awesome, because.. camping + swimming = super awesome..duh

 We went to a friends place for some din dins.. where I failed to check if there was anything containing gluten.. I was fine.. until I had made this connection in my brain..(my crazy, crazy brain) Then there was full on Panic Attacks and stomach cramps and all the goodness.. so that was fun..

If any of you lovelies suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, you will understand the crazy things your thoughts can do and how they can effect your body.. If not.. then you will just think we’re crazy..we’re not.. but it sure does feel like it sometimes. It’s seriously so hard to explain.. Its one of those things, you wont understand unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Ya know?

With that said.. I went for a blood test a few weeks back.. and was told if I don’t get a call, then nothing has been flagged and everything looks good.. (I’m gunna call them to double check though) Suddenly, I made the connection.. I didn’t have any crazy digestive issues until I remembered I hadn’t checked gluten content.. then I thought.. “Maybe.. just maybe.. it’s all in my head..” I put my mind power to the test and decided to eat some gluten enriched goodness.. aware that I was eating it but assuming I would only freak out and have issues, if I let it happen.

This could go 1 of 3 ways..

  1. I would have crazy bad stomach cramps and digestive issues and therefor confirm my Gluten Intolerance..
  2. I would NOT have any issues.. and prove that it was all in my mind..
  3. I would have a crazy panic attack episode again.. because I didn’t have as strong a mind power as I thought..

It’s embarrassing to admit.. but meh..

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My gluten intolerance..

Seems to be..


and totally…


That is right.. I had no adverse reactions.. except anticipation and then anxiety.. but then nothing.. absolutely nothing.

In my anxiety and panic ridden state, I needed something to be responsible for my digestive issues..(other than my mind) So I cut out gluten and BAM.. I’m better. Seriously though.. I don’t know why.. or how.. BUT it made me feel better.. but then I started getting crazy anxious and obsessive over checking gluten content etc that it made me even more anxious and blehhh..

It worked out for the good though.. My diet was way too carb oriented and it probably did my body good to flush that out for a while..

But it also means that I feel a bit stupid and crazy.. Oh the joys of the mind eh? geeeezzz..

What else has happened??

Ohhhh.. R, the guy who never impulse buys, and calculates the worth of the product by saying to himself.. “I would have to work.. X amount of hours to afford this.. am I ok with that?” Came home from work the other day to say “I bought something on impulse today.”

Yes, we are the proud owners of an XBOXONE. I have been killed by annihilating other people in Call Of Duty (COD) Ghosts and I’m not even ashamed about it. We used to have a Playstation.. but then it stopped working.. I have always been against XBOX’s.. dunno why.. just was. At first I was devo’d that he bought an XBOX, but upon review.. Playstation and XBOX.. are pretty much the same now.. You can’t do the things you used to be able to do on a Playstation anymore.. and I guess that’s why I liked Playstations.. they had more freedom.. but now they’ve gone down the XBOX path and it doesn’t really matter no more.. Playstations are faster and have better graphics cards (apparently).. but meh.. I don’t care that much anymore.

ANYWAY I forgot how much COD brings out the swearer within me.. I’m that person who yells at the other players.. well yells at the screen, at the other players.. I get so pumped.

I have added a couple more things to my Bucket List page!!

So that’s it for now.. well that’s really a lot.. but yeah.

See you again tomorrow! or the next day!

Keep it real amigos/amigas,


p.s – I am sorry again for lack of visual pizazz.. I’m failing at the whole picture taking thing atm.

p.p.s – I will be back up and running tomorrow.. good and proper!!

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One thought on “I’m bAAaack!

  1. One of my all time fav movies!


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