The joys of living in a small town..


I am alive and well! I began today with the full intention of posting some content!

If you like ‘ElizaThinksAllowed’ on the Facebook I posted on there yesterday to get y’all excited for my post.. The one I was going to post today.

Instead you get this.. I’m sorry.

Being in a small town.. We have found it difficult to get broadband internet. There are no ports available, and we have been on a waiting list for 4months.

We have been using our dongle (hehe) but this proves to be quite expensive.. Especially with my love for internet perusing and youtube trains.

So! I actually just received our new plan in the mail this morning and am too incompetent to set it all up..

So this is basically a post to say:

“I’m sorry for my lack of posts, I have an internet issue that will hopefully be fixed within the next few days.”


“I’m sorry for leading my poor Facebook peeps astray..”


“I hope ya’ll can forgive me! I will be back within the next few days!!”

Thanks in advance for understanding :)

Keep it real muchachos!


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