Liebster #3

The lovely Mel over at Mel The Literacy Coach, nom nom’d me for the Liebster Award.. I’ma just answer the questions mkay?

How many people are living in your house?  Who are they?

2 peeps.. Myself and R my partner/lover/boyfriend/companion/friend

Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.

I have two rescue dogs, Carbo and Nahli. We got Carbo first.. he is an absolute trouble maker but the sweetest little pooch when he calms down and wants mumma hugs.. He is  Staffie x Kelpie we think.. Nahli is the most timid little schnookums but she is smarter than you think. She thinks she is a princess, always getting the most comfortable spot in the house.. seriously, if you get up out of your seat, by the time you come back.. she’ll be there, all proud of herself and shit..She’s a Red Cattle dog.. with maybe a bit of dingo or something.. I also think she’s part cat.. she lurks..

What do you do when you are not blogging? (work or play)

I am unemployed by choice. So for play.. I hoop, draw, paint, read, watch films/tv series, clean, cook, write, play the guitar (I mastered a song yesterday, that used bar chords.. I’m not accustomed to bar chords and now my left thumb is numb..and fingertips callused and sensitive..), sing, dance, yoga, work out..

Did you have a favourite teacher? Tell me about them.

My favourite teacher was Ms Garvin. She was my ancient histroy teacher in yr 11 and 12.. she was super real and didn’t bull shit when you needed to pick up your game.. and no false “if you don’t do well, you wont succeed” crap.. Just a good teacher.. who liked to goof off sometimes.. Def my favourite teacher.

What is your favourite picture book? (every adult should have one, but if you have to – think back to when you were little)

Does Peter Pan count? It’s got some pictures in it.. OR I used to have this book about a rabbit who sent letters to his owner from different places in the world, and you had to get the letters our of the envelopes to read them and stuff.. “Letters From Felix

What are you wearing right now?

Right now, I am wearing a loose/ flowy sun dress.. almost like a Moo Moo..

Where do you usually write your blog posts (in bed/ at a desk/ on the back porch etc)?

At a desk we made out of saw horses and a door.. Not cos we can’t afford a desk, but just cos it works just as good as a real expensive desk.. why buy a ‘desk’ when you can make one.. it’s very industrial.. and I don’t have a desk to admire it..but to sit my computer and stuff on.. My sawhorse and door desk will do just fine thank you.. I’m gunna paint it soon I think.

No matter who we are, we all have a ‘go to’ movie.  We have a movie we watch when we are in bed with the flu, or we had a rough week and need to hide away.  We watch it on our holidays, just because we can and we can quote mundane dialogue from it. What’s your ‘go to’ movie and Why?

I love ‘Our Idiot Brother’, “The Breakfast Club”, The Mighty Ducks !, 2, & 3″, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’.. there are so many.. but my ultimate favourite would be.. ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’.. ohh or ‘Gladiator’ i Skip this question.. too hard..I have a selection of movies, that are all my favourite.. and just pick one..

You learn something new everyday!  What have you learned this week?

So far, I learned some new bar chords, how to take the air filter out of our car, that there are similarities in the movement of galaxies and space, and the electronic pulses fired in or brains..

Tell me a Joke!  It can be as silly as you like (Christmas Bon Bon Jokes are the best!) OR you can tell me a long serious story with a surprise punchline.  Just keep it clean

20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please dont let Kevin Bacon die!

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