Zero to hero – Day 19: New format

“Half of writing history is hiding the truth.. ” – Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

Has anyone seen the television series Firefly? Or the movie Serenity?

Firefly is a pretty amazing show full of lots of little one-liners that really make you think…

Unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season, which ended in a way that made you….quickly go watch the next episode only to find that there is no next episode… Gee! There ain’t even a second season!!!

Thankfully they made a movie in an attempt to tie things up for us. – Serenity.

That is where the above quote came from.

I don’t know about you people, but that quote really makes you think eh?

There is so much we don’t know about history… And what we do know was written by peeps, like you and me, but a loooong time ago..

Maybe they left some things out?… If they’re half as forgetful as I am.. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Anywho! This has been a post.. Not only in a new format BUT from my mobile telecommunications device! So sorry for the lack of visual pizzazz!

Feel free to let me know some of your favourite movies or t.v series’ that really got you thinking…

It’s been real,


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4 thoughts on “Zero to hero – Day 19: New format

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  2. I loved Firefly & Serenity! Firefly is my go-to TV show when I’m feeling glum. Something about those characters that cheer me.

    Also, am enjoying your Zero to Hero series. I’ve often thought about doing this, but know that I’m easily distracted when it comes to blogging. Therefore, I’m learning from you what I should be doing. Thanks. ;-)


    • I am so sorry for the late reply.. YAY! Another Firefly lover!!! It is so awesome.. so sad it didn’t keep going. Thanks heaps! I skipped a few and didn’t end up finishing it.. but glad you’re learning from the Z2H posts. :) Love your blog btw.


      • I admire you for even trying to do every day of the Z2H posts! So you didn’t finish, big whoop… at least you learned something along the way. And that’s good.


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