Zero to Hero – Day 18: Activate a Social Network

So when I saw this challenge I was pretty super duper stoked.

When I first started ElizaThinksAllowed, I created an account on Facebook (begrudgingly.. I don’t like the facebook), Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and almost any other social networking site I could think of as ElizaThinksAllowed…juuust in case, I felt like I could use them to my advantage, at some point in my blogging venture.

Twitter and Facebook are my main ones.. but I didn’t know how to use it properly.

I’ve been trying to use my twitter but I’m having trouble finding the right peeps to follow and I guess I haven’t really been publicizing my stuff on there.

The Facebook Page is literally just a re-post of my blog but in facebook form..BORING.. so when I read the link provided in the challenge, I was again.. super duper stoked.. ’cause it told me how to use it properly..

So here’s the part where I shamelessly self promote:

If you follow my blog.. or don’t.. but want to follow something…

Follow me on twitter so we can interact on there!

Like the Facebook Page to keep up with my posts and other things I likey!

Then we can follow each other..

Don’t you think that would be fun?!

I DO!!!!

But seriously I’m looking forward to finding some of you bloggers!!

Keep it real,


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5 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Day 18: Activate a Social Network

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  3. I just started following you on FB :)


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