GTS Friday Thinkshop


Just thinking.

About all the cards saved over the years.

In the old days (“in the day” according to latest TV shows), cards were purchased.

These expressed certain wishes regarding many different aspects of life.

Births, deaths & marriages (never knew why the government registry listed them in such an illogical order …… or maybe it was logical after all) anniversaries, graduations, travel, sickness, Christmas, New Year etc etc.

Here’s the thing (another expression from modern TV shows).

One travelled to an outlet, trawled through a host of options (in terms of humour, seriousness, size, expression, graphics, design, price) and the closest fit for the intended recipient was chosen. A hand written message was added to the card, usually involving “From”, “To” and a repetition of some of what was already printed on the card. It was then put into the supplied envelope, a stamp attached (if already purchased and available), carted to a post box and sent. There was always hope that the recipient would in some way acknowledge receipt of the card.

It seems so wasteful to throw away the card that took so much effort to give and that expressed so much sentiment and that was given by someone who meant so much.

Nowdays, you may just simply get a “happy or sad whatever” text message. Quick, cheap, easy and says the same thing. Doesn’t engender feelings of guilt if deleted straight away. Simple THNX EVER SO MUCH in reply. Done and dusted.

Decision times: Delete or export texts to a data base or cloud. Throw away all those valuable cards, keep them (or scan them and then throw away).

Who really cares?

PS even this post or blog (or whatever it is) is resources-hungry.


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