I’m sorry you have to see me like this..

How did you spend your morning? Searching the interwebs for the rules and regulations regarding changing tap washers in NSW? Same..

It has been brought to our attention that the washers need replacing in the kitchen taps, in our rental property in NSW. We were told that we would need to get a Plumber to fix it..

R and I have developed a particular attitude “Don’t believe everything you’re told” especially where there is money involved, with a bit of “Do you’re own research” on top.

We’re told we need to get a plumber… We spend the next few hours, on the internet, looking for evidence to back that up..

And no luck.. but if you fork out the $$ to pay for the detailed Australian Standards… then you might get somewhere… no thank-you..

Here are a list of things I have learned from this experience:

  • our local government website has no information, at all. Unless.. you want to know how they’re ‘Servicing the Community’
  • their website is really, really sh*t and is terrible to navigate.. you’d think they’d make it a lot simpler considering the demographics of the place.
  • a lot of forums begin with a decent question.. but the answers are very rarely answering the question. Usually someone has grabbed a hold of ONE key word and that’s what they talk about.
  • the Rules and Regulations that are available, are worded in such a way that they don’t really tell you what you’re looking for.. too busy covering their butts so that if something went wrong.. they can say “It’s a matter of interpretation” and you get no where.

I’m kinda getting sick of all the rules that are put in place by THE MAN and his little minions..

“It’s for our own safety” blah blah blah. Just because ONE person stuffed up doesn’t mean the WHOLE WORLD needs to be punished by being made to ride a unicycle while balancing on a tight rope.. only to be grabbed by the flying trapeze artist and thrown in the air until you finally land on the back of an elephant who shoots you out of a cannon through a hoop.. you gain your composure and jump through all of the hoops like a puppy at a circus!…

BUT I need to be positive… How can I put a positive spin on this?


…………*crickets chirping*………..

…………………. still chirping ………………….


…………………*TUMBLE WEED*……………………

.. I guess puppies are cute though?..

I haven’t done yoga yet.. can you tell?

It’s been real..


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2 thoughts on “I’m sorry you have to see me like this..

  1. Why is your landlord making ya’ll do it? Isn’t that why people rent so they don’t have to do the maintenance!??


    • ah.. not necessarily.. I don’t rent for that reason..but I should have been clearer.. We rented our house out in NSW, before moving to WA. It’s our investment property.. so we are the landlords.. We didn’t think it necessary to hire a plumber for tap washers (that take 10mins and cost $2) when we could just get a friend to do it.. but rules are rules.. even though I’m still unclear on what they are.


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