An awesome wave. A really, really awesome wave…

This was harder than I thought… I wish I could make you sit there and watch the whole 40 minute, or so, live performance. Instead, I had to choose ONE song to share with you, in the hopes you would get hooked and peruse their other songs.

I’m pretty sure I first heard these guys on Triple J.. I love them more and more after each listen.

Alt-J (∆) are probably my favorite band.. and have been for a while now…

Watch and Listen..

I love nothing more than to discover, that the live performance is the same as the recorded version. It’s hard to explain..

Live music is amazing..(if it’s good) I love to see how the musicians connect with their music.. and their audience. To watch people make amazingly, beautiful sounds with their voices and hands.. I just can’t explain..

Unfortunately I haven’t seen Alt-J (∆) live, but thanks to youtube, I’ve experienced a little bit.. but it’s no where near satisfying my needs..

Their Album – An Awesome Wave

It’s my go to album when I want some background music on a walk or a run…. or when I can’t sleep, actually… it really chills me out.

It flows.. like an awesome wave.. from beginning to end.. and I can easily lose myself in their amazing sounds, vocal and instrumental. My inner music critic is very, very  appreciative of the composition of these songs.

Some people don’t like that you can’t make out the lyrics, I guess that was just another thing that sucked me in. I enjoyed looking up the lyrics and discovering just how unique and beautiful they are.. it was like unlocking a whole new appreciation.

I understand it’s not for everyone.. but I would highly recommend you listening to the album, all the way through at least once.. or at the very least, a few more of their songs..

I wouldn’t call myself a ‘die hard fan’..of anything.. oh.. well, I did buy the dvd box set, the book set and a hogwarts jumper.. but I’m still not THAT much of a ‘I know everything there is to know about everything Harry Potter!!’… I don’t have posters or anything… I’m more of a ‘If I like them.. a lot.. I’ll buy some things..’  I don’t need to know the ins and outs of everything.. there is to know about.. EVERYTHING..about whatever it is I am into…

What does that make me then?..

Please keep in mind I am, in no way, a professional music critic or anything of the sort.. I just love the stuff… this is all my own opinion.. and I wanted to share it with you..

Let me know what you guys think of them and why you like/dislike them.

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3 thoughts on “An awesome wave. A really, really awesome wave…

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  2. I can totally relate to this!!!

    Alt J has had me captivated for quite awhile now..


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