Zero to Hero – Day 5: Love Your Theme

I didn’t like this challenge.. I am so picky.. I can never settle on a theme.

I tried on heaps of different themes.. and reverted back to my old one and tweaked it into something very simple..

Feedback & Suggestions Needed!



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8 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Day 5: Love Your Theme

  1. I love your header!


  2. Your theme should be you in digital format…. something that is you, “very simple”
    Job well done I say.
    Heaps of Brother inlaw love,


  3. I’m not sure you noticed there, love, but your bro in law just called you simple! In my family that would be a serious insult. LOL. I love the title of your blog. I also like your theme. :D What is it called? I’m a bit behind on this challenge. I like looking at themes and trying them out, but it is such a tough decision – your comment about hating this challenge totally drew me in! I have started it, but I can’t see myself stopping at 3 themes and I want to give myself more time. Oh well.


    • Haha, yeah I know he did.. but I’m sure he didn’t mean it.. (I think) Either way, it made me laugh. The theme is Twenty Eleven. I seriously, no word of a lie, spent 3 hours trying on themes and customizing them.. ridiculous. Depending on time zones.. and if you’re a perfectionist like me.. I’d grab a glass of wine.. or a beverage of your choosing, and a snack.. Thanks for stopping by :) GOOD LUCK!


  4. This is so clean compared to mine, great header btw. I guess it depends on what you want your followers to do – follow the content like here or wander about and check out all the links and widgets and stuff!


    • I have no idea what I want or where I really want this to go (I’m so indecisive).. I’m still very new to this writing/blogging world. I guess I’ll just let my theme evolve as I do. Thanks for your feedback.. it is very much appreciated.


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