Clayton’s Day.. Clayton’s wha??


If you’re sitting there thinking “Who is Clayton?” and “How come he gets a day?” You-are-not-alone..

Okay, so, R works 2 day shifts followed by 2 night shifts. If he was to work a Tuesday day and his next shift was the Wednesday night, the Wednesday DAY is what they call ‘Clayton’s Day’.

When I heard. of this so called, ‘Clayton’s Day’ my reaction was.. “huh?”. R explained to me what he was talking about and then my next normal reaction was.. “Why is it called that?” Of course R didn’t have this ‘normal’ reaction and didn’t ask “why??” and just went on using it, not really knowing what he was referring to.. typical..

Fellow human beings, I have taken it upon myself to find the meaning behind this ‘Clayton’s Day’ I have heard so much about, and discover who this mysterious ‘Clayton’ is… and I’m bringing you along with me!

What better day to conduct our research than ‘Clayton’s Day’ itself!!.. (well it is in this household..)

First stop.. trusty Google… “what is a clayton’s day?”

Clayton Day|Linkedin…

Ohhh would you look at that? There are actual people named Clayton Day… I wonder if they even know they have a day?


William Clayton (mormon) Wikipedia..

Interesting.. but not even close.. silly Google..

Oohhhh there’s an actor named Clayton Day.. known for The Day After (1983), Deep in the Heart (1984) and Simon Sez (1999)….


Good old, urban dictionary. Surely…

I should have known… It’s full of descriptions, I can only assume, were written by Clayton’s themselves.

“Someone you’ll fall in love with the first time you see him.”
“Clayton’s are amazing kissers.”
“You can’t go a day without thinking about him.”

Oh dear me.. Moving right along..


According to good old wikitionary, Claytons was a non-alcoholic drink promoted in NZ and AUS (of course) in the 80’s as “the drink you have when you’re not drinking”

Peeps didn’t like it too much, so it’s pretty much forgotten about. Except the term is now used to represent fake substitution… Example on wiki is: a half hearted union strike might be called a ‘Clayton′s Strike’.

Well there you have it folks… ‘Clayton’s day’ is used for 1 of 2 reasons..

1. because they can’t drink alcohol in their transition period between days and nights.


2. because it is a ‘fake’ day as they have to sleep all day, ready to be awake all night.

Clayton wasn’t a mysterious man…. but an unpopular non-alcoholic drink…

Bet you didn’t think you’d learn something eh?

Especially here…. HA!

me either…

It’s been super real!


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2 thoughts on “Clayton’s Day.. Clayton’s wha??

  1. Thank you for enlightening me once again… maybe you can find out if it’s true that people born on the 29th February only have a birthday every 4 years and the rest of the time its just a Claytons Birthday,…. should you get them a present if it’s only a Claytons party?? what is the social protocol?


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