Zero to Hero – Day 4: Explore the Neighborhood

Today’s challenge is to get social with all you folk and follow 5 tags for my reader.

I literally do this every time I’m on here. I’m constantly looking for new content to read and new peeps to interact with. As a result, my reader is chocker block, full of all you lovely people. But there is always room for more!!

I tweaked the challenge a bit and I have followed a few tags, but also followed a few blogs.

Here they be:

Tags: Book Reviews –  I never know what to read, Humor –  I love to laugh and Outer Space – it blows. my. mind. (I already follow zerotohero)



I have always been fascinated with words and the emotions they can evoke. She also quoted Dumbledore.. How could I not follow? (yes, I love Harry Potter)


Blunt, honest and funny. I like it.

Keep it real,


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2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Day 4: Explore the Neighborhood

  1. Thank you, you delightful human being! Your kind words have made my day :) I’m really enjoying reading your posts as well!


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